Bunny Hedaya Net Worth: Know 5 Amazing Facts About The TikTok Star!

Bunny Hedaya Net Worth
Bunny Hedaya Net Worth

Bunny Hedaya is a well-known digital content maker from the United States of America. She is also well-known for posting short clips on the TikTok app, where she has a lot of fans. She got people’s attention when she posted tasks, dances, and how-to videos for makeup.  Bunny Hedaya is also Known as  Bunny Barbie.

Bunny Hedaya has been on TikTok since January 2020. She is well-known on social media but also doing well as a business owner. Bunny has her own clothing line, which she pushes a lot on social media.

Here, you can read everything about your favorite content creator, Bunny Hedaya or Barbie of TikTok, like her net worth, bio, husband, age, facts and even their zodiac sign. So enjoy the article till the end.

How Much Money Does Bunny Hedaya Have?

Bunny Hedaya Net Worth
Bunny Hedaya’s Net Worth

Bunny Hedaya gets paid a lot of money for what she does. She has a lot of different skills, and her net worth is said to be in the six figures. Some websites say that Barbie is worth around $2 million.

Barbie has several companies that bring in money. Most of her money also comes from selling clothes and endorsing brands.

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Bunny Barbie Wiki

Name Bunny Hedaya
Profession TikTok Star, Social Media Star
Nationality American
Date of Birth November 15, 1990
Age 32 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Education Graduated from a local university in the United States
YouTube Subscribers 48.7k+
TikTok Followers 2.1M+
Instagram Followers 208k+
Family Sons: Aden
Physical Appearance Height: Approximately 5’6″
Profession Model
Brand Collaborations Works with various brands and influencers
Lifestyle Shares glimpses of her lifestyle and passion on Instagram
Famous For Lifestyle video clips, Fashion videos on TikTok, Stylish looks
Net Worth Approximately  $2 million
Weight In pounds or Kg  123 pounds or 56 kilograms
Instagram  @bunnyhedaya 
You Tube  @bunnyhedaya
 Tiktok   @bunnyhedaya

Facts About Bunny

  • Bunny Hedaya is a popular TikTok star and social media influencer from the United States.
  • She has a large following on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Bunny Hedaya is known for her beautiful looks, cute smile, modeling poses, and amazing personality.
  • She involves her sons in her videos and has gained popularity for her lifestyle content.
  • Bunny Hedaya has worked professionally as a model and has endorsed various brands.

Who Is Bunny Herdaya’s Husband?

Bunny Hedaya Husband
Bunny Hedaya Husband

The social media star is married to a famous entrepreneur who works in the corporate sector in fields like financial services, staffing, and small business marketing. Harry Hedaya is Bunny Barbie’s husband and will also be on her new reality show.

In conclusion

Bunny Hedaya, also known as Bunny Barbie, has established herself as a prominent digital content creator and social media influencer. With her captivating TikTok videos, Bunny has garnered a large and devoted fan base, showcasing her talents in tasks, dances, and makeup tutorials. Her skills and charismatic personality have contributed to her success on various platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

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