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Blac Chyna Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Does He Make?

What is the net worth of Blac Chyna? Blac Chyna is an American reality television personality, former stripper, and social media entrepreneur. We discuss her career, relationship, earnings, and other business here.

Blac Chyna’s Net Worth In 2022

Blac Chyna is a reality television personality, former stripper, and social media entrepreneur from the United States. Blac Chyna has a $5 million net worth. Although her activities as a stripper contributed to her celebrity, her relationships with high-profile celebrities elevated her fame to new heights. Blac Chyna has two children: one with rapper Tyga and another with Rob Kardashian.

Blac Chyna began to appear in a number of television shows after becoming a well-known public figure. Chyna has also had a number of self-branded business ventures, most of which revolved around beauty products and services. She has also made a fortune from the social media platform OnlyFans. She is reportedly one of the highest-paid creators on the platform.

Blac Chyna Early Life

Angela Renee White was born in Washington, D.C., on May 11, 1988.

She started dancing at the age of 18 under the name Dora Renee, then relocated to Miami and enrolled at Johnson and Wales University. She changed her name to Cream and started dancing at King Of Diamonds.

She had a son named King Cairo Stevenson while dating Tyga from 2011 to 2014, during which time they were also engaged.

Blac Chyna Career

Early Stripping and Modeling Career

Blac Chyna began stripping shortly after beginning college, primarily to pay her tuition. She eventually relocated to Miami to attend Johnson & Wales University, where she continued her stripping career while also attending classes. Blac Chyna was soon too exhausted to stay awake during her studies.

The young college student found herself in a difficult situation. She wouldn’t be able to pay her tuition if she stopped stripping. She would undoubtedly fail her classes if she kept stripping because she kept falling asleep during lectures. Blac Chyna’s only option was to drop out and concentrate on stripping.

Initial Breakthrough

With school out of the picture, Blac Chyna could pursue other potential sources of income, such as modeling. This led to lucrative deals with publications such as Dimepiece Magazine, where she graced the front cover.

Other publications quickly took notice, and she eventually appeared in Straight Stuntin’ Magazine and Black Men’s Magazine as her portfolio grew significantly. As her popularity grew in the Hip-Hop and urban communities, high-profile figures began to take notice. Drake was one of these people, and he mentioned her in one of his songs.

Blac Chyna Mainstream Success

The blessing of Drake in 2010 proved to be the spark that would kick-start her career, and it appeared as if Blac Chyna had become a star overnight. Her social media following grew rapidly, and she was eventually offered a role as a stunt double for Nicki Minaj in the “Monster” music video. As a result, she was named Model of the Year at the 2011 Urban Model Awards.

Tyga also decided to use the model in his music video for “Rack City.” Blac Chyna appeared in a variety of other publications over the next few years, including Smooth Girl and Urban Ink. She ended 2012 by appearing in one of Nicki Minaj’s music videos.

Blac Chyna Relationships

Tyga was the subject of Blac Chyna’s first prominent relationship. Soon after the model made an appearance in the rapper’s music video, the couple started dating. Their relationship began in 2011, and by 2012, the couple had given birth to a son.

Eventually, Tyga purchased a home for the new family, but the union would not endure. Following their breakup in 2014, Tyga began to show interest in Kylie Jenner as a potential new love interest.

Blac Chyna publicly fought with Kylie Jenner on social media after her breakup with Tyga. Blac Chyna and the Kardashians would eventually mend their relationship, despite the rift that this would cause. In 2016, she began dating Rob Kardashian and grew close to the Kardashian family.

Kim Kardashian and the model reportedly became particularly close friends. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian welcomed a daughter together later in 2016. The couple broke up about a month after the child was born.

Eventually, they would reunite for a brief time, but it seemed the relationship was not meant to be. The two parents have been fighting for custody of their daughter ever since their divorce.

Rob Kardashian was the subject of a restraining order that Blac Chyna also brought after he shared sexually graphic images of his ex-girlfriend online.

Information about Blac Chyna’s earnings was made public during the custody dispute between Rob Kardashian and her. Blac Chyna reportedly earns $60,000 per month primarily from personal appearances and social media endorsements, according to court documents.

Rob Kardashian also gave her spousal support payments of $20,000 per month, but her ex-husband sought to reduce or stop these payments due to his declining income since he was no longer a part of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Blac Chyna OnlyFans Earnings

As previously stated, Blac Chyna is reportedly one of the highest-earning members of the adult social platform OnlyFans. According to some sources, she has earned more than $20 million from OnlyFans. In comparison, her ex-boyfriend Tyga is rumored to be one of the top ten earners in the service, earning around $8 million per year.

As previously stated, according to her own court testimony, Blac Chyna has earned no more than $1 million from OnlyFans.

Business Opportunities

Blac Chyna has pursued a number of business ventures in addition to her stripping/modeling and TV careers. Blac Chyna received professional makeup artist training in 2013. The celebrity owns her own beauty salon in Encino, Los Angeles, where she also runs beauty classes and courses.

She also launched her own cosmetics line, Lashed by Blac Chyna. In 2013, she launched 88fin, an online store where she sells her own clothing as well as a variety of other items.

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