Neal Currey Net Worth: Taking a Look at His Fortune!

Neal Currey Net Worth

Neal Currey became famous as an internet figure, social media influencer, content writer, and business owner after serving in the army. Many people knew him from his work with Readygunner, a company he started and ran that sold guns, ammo, and other equipment.

Neal showed off his skills as a shooter in addition to his business operations. He was in the US Army for five years before going into business for himself.

Neal Currey’s Net Worth

It looks like Neal Currey made a lot of money from his businesses, especially the gun range Ready Gunner. It was easy for him and his family to live in Utah, USA. It was thought that Neal was worth about $1 million, but no one knows for sure. A lot of different people and sites have given this estimate.

Neal Currey Net Worth
Neal Currey Net Worth

Neal Currey Biography

Neal Currey was one of a kind because he had a fascinating life. He was born in England on December 14, 1979. After that, he went to the United States, where he spent his youth. Neal passed away on September 10, 2022. His age was 42.

Over the course of his life, Neal was always interested in war, guns, shooting, and new things. When he was 24, he followed his dream and joined the Army. After graduating from American Military University, Neal went on to study at a well-known school. Let’s learn more about Neal Currey’s life.

Neal Currey Childhood and Education

Neal Currey grew up in the United States, where he liked being in the service, shooting guns, going on trips, and shooting. When he was 24, he joined the Army to show how much he cared about helping his country.

His LinkedIn page says that Neal went to school at American Military University. Besides that, he kept going to a well-known school to learn more about the field he had chosen.

Neal Currey Career and Accomplishments

In Neal Currey’s life, there were lots of fun things, like hunting, shooting, swimming, and traveling. The Daily Mail said Neal had been in the US Army from 2004 to 2009 and had fought in the Iraq war. In December 2011, he opened his own gun range, which he named READYGUNNER.

He ran it until he died too soon. A lot of people across the country knew Neal as an expert on guns because he shared his knowledge and excitement on social media. Over 28.8K people followed him on YouTube, where he talked to a lot of different kinds of people. Because he was good with guns, shooting, and hunting, he could do a lot of different things.

Personal Life of Neal Currey

Casey Nichelle Currey and Neal Currey were happily married. They lived in Utah, USA, with their kids. Casey is very active on social media and loves working out. There is no clear date for when Neal and Casey got married, but they did stay in love.


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All together, Neal has six kids, four of whom are stepchildren from Casey’s previous relationships. Neal and Casey have two kids together. Neal loved being with his wife and kids, and he often shared cute pictures of his family on social media.

There isn’t much known about Neal’s relationships before he married Casey, but it was clear that he loved and cared for his present family.

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The Death  of Neal Currey

On September 10, 42-year-old Lindon, Utah, gun rights activist and Iraq war warrior Neal Currey killed himself. Casey Currey, 30, admitted to committing suicide in an Instagram post and said that he had been having mental health problems while in the service.

Conclusion: Neal Currey lived a dedicated, active, and thrilled life. He was committed and skilled from his time in the military as a child to his work with ReadyGunner to help the gun community. With a net worth of about $1 million, it was clear that Currey had done well in business. His personal life got better because he had a loved family, which showed his dedication outside of work. His untimely death shows how important it is to raise understanding about mental health, especially among soldiers. People in Currey’s neighborhoods will always remember him and his work.

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