J-Hope Wants Some ‘More’ On New Solo Single

J-Hope Wants Some ‘More’ On New Solo Single

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On his much-anticipated new solo single, “More,” J-Hope boldly says that he wants “more.” The BTS member released the track from his upcoming album Jack in the Box at midnight on Thursday.

J-Hope plays around with a darker, edgier sound in this song, which mixes alternative rock hooks with hip-hop beats. In the hypnotic part of the song before the chorus, he says, “I’m doing it all.” A press release says that the song’s message is to “show the world how much [J-Hope] has grown.”

The rapper and dancer’s first album that isn’t a mixtape, Jack in the Box, comes out on July 15. It’s also the first solo album from a member of the record-breaking K-pop group since they started “BTS’ Chapter 2” earlier this month. The BTS label Bighit said of the record, “Jack in the Box gives voice to J-desire Hope’s to break the mold and grow even more.” “The album shows who J-Hope is as a musician and what he wants to do as an artist.”

“More” comes out a few weeks after BTS said they were going on a break to work on their own projects. “To be clear, they are not taking a break, but they will take some time to work on solo projects and will still be busy in many ways,” a BTS representative told Rolling Stone.

Jungkook’s “Left and Right,” the latest song with Charlie Puth that is expected to be on his own solo album, came out before “More.” Jimin and Suga are also expected to release solo albums.

On July 31, J-Hope will be the main act at Lollapalooza. He will be the first South Korean artist to be the main act at a U.S. festival.

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