Warner Bros Confirmed ‘Joker 2’ Release Date Status

joker 2 release date
joker 2 release date

On Oct. 4, 2024, The Joker will be back at the local movie theatre.

After the 2019 release of Joker, which made around $1 billion at the box office, Todd Phillips will direct the sequel Joker 2, which will probably star Joaquin Phoenix as the DC villain Joker and Lady Gaga seems to be on board with Joker 2 after a short animated teaser was posted on her Twitter account on August 4.

Phillips and Scott Silver, who also worked on Joker, wrote the script. Phillips announced on social media that the new project will be called “Joker: Folie à deux.” This is a medical term for a mental disorder that affects two or more people who are usually related to each other.

We don’t know much about Gaga’s character yet. Joker is known for his abusive on-and-off relationships with Harley Quinn, his psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum who falls in love with him and becomes his partner in crime and sidekick.

Phillips previously made A Star Is Born, which was remade in 2018 with Bradley Cooper, who made the Joker, and Lady Gaga. It’s not clear if Phillips and the rest of the team are using other DC characters or going their own way, as they did in many ways with the first movie.

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