Inside Out 2 Release Date Status Set For June 2022: Cast, Official Trailer And All Details That You Need to Know


Inside Out is a comedy film, or more clearly, it is an American computer-animated comedy film. The film centers on Riley, a young girl who has five personified emotions throughout her life: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness. This is solely due to the fact that she and her parents are attempting to adjust to a new environment when they relocate from Minnesota to San Francisco.

To begin, Inside Out premiered on 18th May 2015 in the United Kingdom, and on 19th June 2015 in the United States, alongside a short film called Lava. The film garnered praise for its novel concept, screenplay, and subject matter.

It is the seventh highest-grossing film of 2015, with $857 million worldwide. It has won numerous awards, including the BAFTA Award, the Critics’ Choice Award, the Satellite Award, the Golden Globe Award, the Annie Award, and the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Keeping the joy of all fans in mind, this article includes all relevant and recent updates such as the plotline, the cast, the trailer, and the release date.

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Inside Out 2 Is It Renewed?

Inside Out’s Season, 2 Premiere is Scheduled for 2022. Inside Out Season 2 has been officially renewed for 2022.

Inside Out 2 Release Date 

Pixar Studios is currently fully committed to a couple of original projects scheduled for release in 2022. Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long to see the film because the sequel is expected to release on June 19, 2022, according to

Inside Out 2 Release Date 
Inside Out 2 Release Date

Interestingly, the story’s character, Riley, is modeled after Peter Docter’s daughter, Elie. Docter has appeared in a number of Pixar films in various capacities. As a chief creative officer, he points out that things are not as straightforward as they appear and sees if they can come up with something.

Directed by

Cal Brunker

Executive Producer(s)

Pete Docter
Andrew Stanton
John Lasseter
David Silverman

Lee Unkrich


Amy Poehler
Ty Burrell
Adam Katz
Eric Idle
Phyllis Smith
Bill Hader
Lewis Black
Mindy KalingMadison Pettis
Rowan Atkinson
Kaitlyn Dias
Diane Lane

Release date

June 19, 2022 (United States)

Distributed by

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Screenplay by

Cal Brunker & Bob Barlen
Meg LeFauve
Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley

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Inside Out 2 Cast

Inside Out 2’s anticipated cast can be seen below. We anticipate that the Inside Outcast will return for Inside Out 2.

  • Joy is played by Amy Poehler.
  • Sadness is played by Phyllis Smith.
  • Richard Kind, an actor, and comedian portrays Bing Bong in this film.
  • Anger is played by Lewis Black.
  • Fear is played by Bill Hader.
  • Mindy Kaling in the role of Disgust
  • Riley is played by Kaitlyn Dias.
  • Diane Lane portrays Riley’s mother in the film.
  • Kyle MacLachlan portrays Riley’s father in the film.
  • Paula Poundstone, in the role of Forgetter Paula, is a British actress.

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Inside Out 1: Review

At the film’s ending, we see Joey reconcile with sadness, and they return later to headquarters, but they arrive too late because thoughts of fury have disabled the console, forcing Riley to leave. Additionally, it evokes nostalgia because he is on board the bus bound towards Minnesota.

Joy later passes over control of the console to Sadness, who can restart it as well as persuade Riley to return to her new home, much to the amazement of the others.

Following that, where grief restores and transforms joyful memories into sad ones, Riley emotionally expresses to her parents that she misses her previous existence.

His parents, on the other hand, console him and subsequently acknowledge that they miss Minnesota as well. Following that, melancholy and happiness combine to make a new core memory that also combines sadness and happiness; Creating a new island and symbolizing Riley’s acceptance of her new existence in San Francisco.

Riley adjusts to her new home after a year, meeting new acquaintances and rekindling old passions while acquiring new ones.

Within the headquarters, her spirits admire Riley’s new persona islands and later collaborate on a new larger console that accommodates them all.

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Inside Out 2: what happens next

Riley Andersen (Indi Star) is enjoying her new life in San Francisco two years after the first film, guided by her emotions Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), and Disgust (Amy Poehler) (Mindy Kaling).

However, 11 new feelings emerge this time: Boredom (Ty Burrell), Tranquility (Adam Katz), Trust (Eric Idle), Embarrassment (Madison Pettis), Crazy (Rowan Atkinson), Jealousy (Zach Efro fun1F1F), Energetic (Eddie Murphy), Anxiety (Chris Hemsworth), Mankini (Michael Huang), Genius (James

However, our emotions are unaware that a nightmare subconscious (Gary Oldman) has been formed and seeks vengeance for Riley’s ongoing neglect and terror, attempting to destroy all of Riley’s good memories, which could result in significant trouble.

Riley’s lifelong friend and true love, George Thompson, becomes her boyfriend Jordan, and Jack and Joan Thompson, as well as Bill and Jill Andersen, approve of their true connection.

Where To Watch Inside Out 2 

Inside Out is currently available on Disney+. Additionally, Inside out 2 is available on Disney+.

Inside Out 2 Trailer Updates

There hasn’t been an official trailer for inside out 2, Here is the fan-made trailer of inside out 2. You can watch below


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