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Spy X Family Episode 6 Release Date, Promo, Cast, Spoiler And Where To Watch

Spy x Family is a new anime version of the manga series of the same name, which debuted on April 9th. It’s full of action and thrills, and the animation is fantastic. The characters are likable and engaging, and the plot has me hooked. I’m excited to find out what happens next.

According to the recent episode, many fans of the series are even more excited than before to know what happens in the next episode. Furthermore, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information on this topic.

We’ve decided to provide what we know about the release date and timing for Spy x Family Season 1 Episode 6.

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Spy x Family Episode 6 Release date:

Currently, Spy x Family is running. Up to this point, five episodes have been released. In addition, More Episodes are now on standby. The sixth episode of The Spy X Family will premiere on May 14, 2022.

Here is the premiere time for episode 6 of Spy X Family:

  • At 00:30 JST (May 15)
  • 8:30 A.M. PT
  • 11:30 A.M. ET
  • 4:30 P.M. BST
  • 5:30 P.M. CEST

Those with a Crunchyroll Premium membership will be able to see the new episode of Spy X Family as soon as it becomes available at the hours shown above. It may take a few minutes for the new episode to display in its entirety for all users. Try refreshing the page or restarting the program if it is missing.

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Spy x Family Episode 6 Cast:

Damian Desmond (the second son of Loid’s target), Becky Blackwell (the daughter of a military firm CEO), Emile Elma, and Ewen Egeberg (all of whom are members of Damian’s ‘entourage’), and Ewen Egeberg will be Anya’s classmates at Eden College.

Fans of Spy x Family will soon learn that Damian is an arrogant and rude youngster, as are his entourage and, to be brutally honest, the majority of Eden College students. However, his addiction to the series with the well-known self-assured and kind girl. Becky will definitely push the anime in a new direction.

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When The English Dub For Spy x Family Will Premiere?

The English-dubbed version of episode 6 will be released on Crunchyroll and Netflix on May 21, 2022. The primary cast of the dub includes:

Alex Organ (Doranbolt in Fairy Tail) as Loid / Agent Twilight, Natalie Van Sistine (Reona from Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Sleazier than Reality!) as Yor Megan Shipman (Akebi dressed as Akebi) as Anya

Spy x Family Episode 5 Recap:

The Forgers find that Anya was not admitted to Eden Academy, but Henderson informs them that, as the candidate with the best test score among those who were rejected, her name will be at the top of the waiting list. Three days later, Loid is notified that Anya has been admitted into Eden Academy, while Loid’s informant Franky celebrates with them in their flat, where Franky and Yor become drunk. Anya requests that Loid reenact a scenario from her favorite anime Spy Wars, in which Bondman rescues a princess in a castle, at Franky’s suggestion.

Loid hires a castle and enrolls his fellow agents in a game in which he must rescue Anya from Franky, who “kidnaps” her after she refuses to attend school until her wish is achieved. After being assured by WISE headquarters that their participation is critical for Operation Strix, they all gladly accept. After overcoming all barriers and engaging in a brief but fierce battle with a drunk Yor, Loid “saves” Anya and they celebrate her admission into Eden Academy, with Anya promising to do her best for Loid’s sake.

How Many episodes Spy x Family season 1 have?

Twitter has previously announced that the first season of Ya Boy Kongming would consist of 12 episodes, airing from April 9 to June 18, 2022. Every Saturday at 11:00 PM JST, a new episode will release. The specific release dates for each episode may be found in the timetable we’ve outlined above.

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Spy x Family Episode 6 Promo:

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