My Hero Academia Chapter 359 Spoiler, Story, Leaks And Where To Read Online

my hero academia chapter 359 spoiler
my hero academia chapter 359 spoiler

On July 18, My Hero Academia Chapter 359 was released, continuing the conflict between Shigaraki and Bakugou. The protagonist of Boku No Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya (also known as Deku), lives in a society where 80% of people are born with various abnormalities (superpowers).

The final season of the anime began in 2021, with the finale premiering on September 21, 2021. Since then, anime fans have been calling for more content, although manga is far superior to it and has greatly ruined the anime experience for viewers.

Therefore, read this article only if you are a manga reader or want to learn more about the most recent #359 chapter of the manga. Otherwise, you’ll be in for huge My Hero Academia season 6 and beyond spoilers, considering Season 5 ended on Chapter 257.

My Hero Academia Chapter 359 Spoiler, Story Leaks

You should read the following at your own risk because it contains significant spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 359, “Schoolhouse.” Check out some of the pages that are included below as well.

While the support course students are repairing the wrecked battlefield, the business course students are filming inside the U.A. facility as Chapter 359 opens. One of the students questions whether now is the appropriate time to film a documentary, to which someone responds that it was used against him during the previous war to change public opinion. As you may recall, Dabi promoted his agenda and developed a narrative against the heroes via speeches and documentaries. Therefore, this entire incident is a final counterattack.

The effects of Bakugou’s final attack, which penetrated the barrier, are then seen. While Yuuyu questions whether they went too far in fear of destroying the arena, Aizawa makes sure that Monoma’s eyes are open.

Then Kaminari claims that Bakugou is a very caring person and will act in everyone’s best interests. In addition to having a broken arm and a damaged mask, Bakugou also has an injury to his right eye.

Even with all of these wounds, I genuinely don’t believe he will pass away as many seem to anticipate. One fan predicted on Twitter that “the embodiment of the determination to always win no matter what is not finished and even hurting he will have his decisive moment in this battle.”

Anyway, returning to the My Hero Academia 359 storyline, Shigaraki learns that it was because he focused the strike so that it wouldn’t have a significant impact on the surrounding area. In an effort to aid Bakugou, Jeanist and Miruko. They are mistaken, according to Shigaraki, if they believe that finding his body will result in their victory.

He makes a massive shock wave as he attacks next. Shigaraki begins to march in the direction of Bakugou after the heroes are tossed. He claims that while he is not interested in him, his relationship with Deku may be advantageous. Shigaraki’s face is entirely scorched on the right side.

Aizawa inquires about Deku but receives no response. Aizawa feels frantic and asks other Pro Heroes to save the students. Tamaki and Nejire can be seen sneaking into a classroom in the following panel.

They are discussing winning and graduating from school. Let’s at least keep everyone safe till Midoriya gets here, a voice then states. We are three strong, and we can accomplish this. The Big Three have gathered, Mirio is here. The good news is that Mirio Togata akak Lemillion will be back to his grandeur in the following chapter, which marks the end of this chapter.

MHA Chapter 359 Released Date 

Release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 359

Chapter 359 was released on July 18, 2022, according to Viz Media. As a result, the manga will go on break the following week. After Bakugo’s evolution, we will have to wait a little longer than usual to see how the plot develops.

Where to Read My Hero Academia Chapter 359

Next Sunday will mark the official release of My Hero Academia Chapter 359 on Viz Media and MangaPlus Shueisha. You may get several recent volumes of manga for free on Viz, and MHA is one of them. There is no need to search further. Go to one of the official sites and read Chapter 359.

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