My Hero Academia Chapter 359

My Hero Academia Chapter 359

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For a while, we were lost there. Shigaraki droning on for a while was out of character. That dubious sermon advocated destroying the world to bring about peace. To be completely honest, it was great to see Bakugo reject his line of reasoning outright. Shigaraki will continue to struggle in My Hero Academia 359 raw.

The sales appear to be going alright thus far. Given that the volume was released more than a month ago, it is astonishing that My Hero Academia managed to sell more than 170,000 copies in the month of June!

When the anime debuts, we anticipate a sharp increase in these sales. We cannot overstate how fantastic the war arc is. Shigaraki turns into a stunning sight.

We are just being patient as there haven’t been any recent developments on the anime.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 359 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 359

An even release schedule is maintained by My Hero Academia. But regrettably, the manga series won’t resume until the next week. Thus, chapter 359 will be released on VIZ Media, Manga Plus, and the Shonen Jump app on July 17, 2022, on Sunday. Follow along. You’ll be kept informed by

My Hero Academia Chapter 359 Expected Plotline

Cluster Bomb is a brand-new attack that Bakugo has developed. Since he has been using it against One For All, he is confident that he can use it against All For One. But Shigaraki hasn’t yet been harmed by his attack.

However, we are aware that he would be severely affected and that Shigaraki will be left defenseless. Bakugo’s attack appears to have had a significant effect because the heroes are standing with him. But it doesn’t appear that it will be sufficient to eliminate Shigaraki.

Fans firmly believe that Deku will make a comeback and take out Shigaraki. But before that, Shigaraki will be hurt thanks to Bakugo’s new move. AFO will change in the meantime, and his secret weapon could aid Shigaraki in recovering and winning this conflict. Deku will then show up and engage in combat with Shigaraki at that point.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Recap

Shigaraki’s location was finally made known in the 358th chapter. Faced with Sun-Eater, Jeanist, and Nejiro, Shigaraki was confined in the flying land. He was sufficient to keep these warriors busy, though.

He was unmatchable even after Monoma and Aizawa eliminated his quirk. This is due to the unique ways in which his body was constructed. Shigaraki thought that he might establish a brand-new planet in which he would be the God with such a body and his peculiarity.

Bakugo, however, had some different ideas. He made the decision to punch Shigaraki hard since he didn’t want to put up with his crap. Bakugo had all the necessary weapons. He carried many riffles and a machine gun that was attached to his metal collar.

Bakugo then used his weaponry to strike Shigaraki, breaking all of the tricks that he had been doing against the other heroes. However, Impact Cluster Bomb, a new attack invented by Bakugo, was successful in hurting him.

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Where To Read My Hero Academia Chapter 359?

As of above my hero academia chapter 359 has been released on 17, July 2022 On VIZ Media, Manga Plus, and the Shonen Jump app