Dangerous Convenience Store Season 3 Release Date Status, Spoiler Recap And Where Can You Read Manga Online!

dangerous convenience store season 3
dangerous convenience store season 3

Season 3 of Dangerous Convenience Store is an upcoming manhwa series. Dangerous Convenience Store was released in a variety of languages, including Korean, English, and others. It was written by 945 and was released by OrangeD and Ridibooks.


Yeo Eui Joon interacts with gangster Bum Geon Woo, who visits the convenience store on a daily basis.

A man, enraged by the high prices because of what he wants to buy, yells for Joon to give him a discount. Woo knocks him down before Joon tells him his total is $34.28. While Woo is on the phone, Joon checks his own and reads an article about real-life gangsters and how gangs have evolved into ‘official corporations’. After Woo has finished speaking and orders his bank card back, he nervously means to hand it to the bank but it is missing, and he soon finds himself in an interesting predicament.

Dangerous convenience store: Major characters

  • Yeo Eui Joon- who works in a dangerous convenience store.
  • Bum Geon Woo- who looks like a gangster
  • Joo Yeon- girl in the life of Yeon.
  • Kim Tae Young- protesting that he is not being clingy.
  • Yoon Hyeon Woo- is mentioned by Joon.

Where to Read Manga Online

Manga series are currently the most popular. Manga series are similar to comic books, and comic books never bore anyone. It’s a type of refreshment.
This series is available on Mangakakalot sites. The manga series is freely available on the internet. So there’s no reason to watch it illegally.

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Dangerous Convenience Store Season 3: Expected Spoilers

This series’ spoilers or raw scans have not yet been released. The creators want fans of this incredible series to be patient and wait for Season 3. This is a romantic comedy series, and the audience is looking forward to Season 3.

Dangerous Convenience Store Season 3 Release Date

This series’ release date has yet to be released. The previous chapter depicted the arrival of Bum Geon Woo, who appears to be a gangster. Season 3 will reveal whether Eui Joon can safely continue working at the convenience store.

Dangerous Convenience Store Season 2: Highlights

Yeo Eui Joon is a convenience store employee who is frequently surrounded by gangsters. As a result of the hazardous working conditions, he wishes to resign as soon as possible. But he was also paid 1.2 times more than other stores.

Yeo Eui Joon continued working in that dangerous convenience store because he needed every penny he could get. Then, one day, Bum Geon Woo, who looked more like a gangster than any other gangster, appeared in the store. The other gangsters rage down after the arrival of Bum Geon Woo.

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