Simon Cowell Before And After Plastic Surgery: What Happened To His Face?

Simon Cowell surprised fans with a new video promoting the new series of Britain’s Got Talent.

Fans were worried when former “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell didn’t look like himself in a Twitter video. This was just a few months after he said he was done with Botox.

Since then, the clip has been taken down because trolls made fun of his appearance and many said he looked like a “Madame Tussauds waxwork.”

All You Need To Know About Cowell’s Plastic Surgeries

During an interview with Glamour, Cowell talked about how much he loves Botox. He said, “To me, Botox is no stranger than toothpaste.” It works; you only have to do it once a year; so what? Later, he said, “I got fillers that get rid of wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles.” This may have made his brow heavy because his forehead muscles weren’t there to hold it up.

In 2018, the record producer also got a “21st-century facelift” to make himself look better. He chose to get a “silhouette soft lift” from Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, who is known as “the Picasso of dermatology.”

The procedure costs £2,000 and involves sewing a thread with bioplastic on it into the face and pulling it to stop it from sagging.

Simon Cowell Britain's Got Talent promo video Twitter


Simon told The Current in an interview, “There are a lot of things you can do now. You don’t have to put filler and Botox all over your face. It hurts like hell, but it gets rid of sun damage and unplugs everything. Now, having clean skin is the most important thing to me. When your skin is clean, you look better.”

He went on to say, “I changed my diet within 24 hours, and I haven’t looked back since. You Feel Better, You Look Better. I stopped eating a lot of things I shouldn’t have, mostly meat, dairy, wheat, and sugar. Those were the four main things.

Simon Cowell Says He Regrets Getting Botox And Fillers

Simon Cowell went to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in April 2022. There, he said that he’d gotten Botox injections and fillers in the past, but that he regretted it and wouldn’t do it again.

Cowell told the audience, “There was a time when everyone was getting injections in their faces.” He then said that his injections made him look like “something out of a horror movie.”

Hill thinks that Cowell had a procedure in which an ultrasound was used to find the fillers in his face and dissolve them.

Simon Cowell Before And After Picture

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Makeover Exposed By Top Docs

How Did The Fans React To Cowell’s New Look?

As soon as Simon showed up on TV, fans couldn’t stop reacting to the star’s appearance. They sent out a lot of messages on the social media platform.

One user wrote, “Simon Cowell has literally more plastic on him now than his Madame Tussauds counterpart.”


Another user penned, “Simon Cowell had some Botox, went wrong on right hand side of his face his eye was all droopy, injected in wrong place couldn’t stop looking #BritainsGotTalent”

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