Ricky Hatton Reveals The Key To His Incredible Four-stone Weight Loss Transformation

This article discusses Ricky Hatton’s weight-loss journey. How He Lost Four Stones, Weight Loss Transformation, and a Variety of Other Topics We Cover Richard John Hatton is a former professional boxer from the United Kingdom.

Who Is Ricky Hatton?

Richard John Hatton Mbe Is A British Former Professional Boxer Who Competed From 1997 To 2012, Following Which He Worked As A Boxing Promoter And Trainer. Throughout his boxing career, he held several world titles at light welterweight and one at welterweight.

Ricky Hatton’s exhibition fight with fellow legend Marco Antonio Barrera is an exercise in mental fortitude and nostalgia, not a serious comeback.

Boxing fans cheered for Ricky Hatton when he weighed in for his exhibition fight with Marco Antonio Barrera on Friday afternoon.

The Hitman stepped on the scales to begin his training for the fight, and he weighed 15 St. 4 lbs. Hatton, on the other hand, now weighed 11 St. 5.5 lbs., indicating that his hard work and training paid off.

Hatton was known for ballooning between fights before losing weight when it was time to step into the ring, and the Hitman has maintained a fuller Physique since retiring. But the Mancunian quickly disproved the doubters by proving that he could lose the pounds.

One follower tweeted: “Nobody can get big and then lose weight like this guy! “That does not surprise me!”

“What a shape he has! It brings back memories of him fighting this #hitman. “A second was added. A third person tweeted: “He’s in better shape now than he was at some points in his career.” Unreal!”

“To be honest, I always made it difficult for myself when I was in my prime, and things haven’t changed now that I’m 44 years old, but it’s been so good for my well-being,” Hatton told Talksport.

“It has given me a target, a goal, and something to aim for.” The comments I’ve received from so many people saying, “Ricky, you’ve inspired me to lose weight”…

“People have been writing letters and contacting me, saying, “Ricky, you’ve inspired us to see where you were 18 months ago.” And it was well documented where I was; I was in a bad situation… As a result, I’ve decided to make a lifestyle change.

Ricky Hatton ballooned in weight after he retired form boxing in 2012

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