Raven Symone Weight Loss Before & After Images And Know How Did Raven Lose 40 Pounds!

raven symone weight loss
raven symone weight loss

Raven-Symone made the decision to focus on her health, and it paid off! The Raven’s Home star, 36, reconnected with her former co-hosts on The View this week, where she was joined by her wife, Miranda Pearman-Maday, for a reunion.

When asked about her health journey, Symone credited it to her wife, with whom she married in 2020. Here’s everything you need to know about Raven Symone’s weight reduction journey, including how she lost weight and more.

Who Is Raven Symone?

Raven Symone was born December 10, 1985, and is an actress, singer, model, and talk show host from the United States. She was a well-known child performer during her time. Symone began her career as a child model, modeling for some of America’s most well-known companies as early as the age of ten, and it wasn’t long before she was cast in films.

She made her acting debut in one of Bill Cosby’s flicks and hasn’t looked back since. On the other hand, she is a rare talent singer who has released four albums of her own, all of which have become blockbusters; in fact, she released her first album when she was just ten years old.

She played Raven Baxter in the Disney sitcom ‘That’s So Raven,’ which was one of the most popular series ever produced by Disney for a long time. Symone is a well-known child artist who went on to become a well-known actress, singer, and model.

Raven Symone Weight Loss Journey

Raven-Symoné lost 40 pounds thanks to the help of her wife, Miranda Pearman-Maday, and a sugar-free diet.

“She helped me kick sugar with her advice and guidance and love and wonderful cooking abilities,” Symoné, 36, said on “The View” with Pearman-Maday on Wednesday.

“I say kick sugar because it’s an addictive drug, and I used to be addicted to it in wheat form, regular form.” “And it’s out of my system,” she said, explaining that she was using to eat a “fish filet with an additional packet of ketchup – two on Fridays because they’re cheaper!”

Because of her wife, the former “That’s So Raven” star decided to get serious about her health. She pointed at Pearman-Maday and added, “What made me want to change was her.”

Symoné explained that she had received some bad news from her doctor and that she wanted to get her health under control so that she and her partner could have a long and happy life together.

She stated, “I want to be here for her as long as I can.” “At the doctor, I learned some numbers that were not nice for someone my age — or anyone’s age, to be honest with you.” The actress claims she was able to accomplish the transformation without exercising because she changed her diet.

Raven Symone Before & After pictures

Raven Symone Before & After
Raven Symone Before & After
Raven Symone Before & After pictures
Raven Symone Before & After pictures

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How Did Raven Symone 40- Pound Weight Loss?

On Wednesday’s episode of The View, Raven-Symone revealed one of the secrets to her spectacular 40-pound weight loss.

The 36-year-old hailed her wife Miranda Pearman-Maday, 34, who appeared on the chat show with her, for assisting her in reducing her sugar intake.

‘With [my wife’s] counsel, direction, and love, as well as her wonderful cooking talents — which everyone here knows — she helped me ditch sugar,’ she said before describing sugar as a “drug.”

‘I suggest kick sugar because it’s a highly addictive substance.’ ‘I was addicted to it in wheat form, regular form, and it’s out of my system now,’ the Disney Channel actress added.

Her sugar intake was also disguised as a ‘fish filet with an additional packet of ketchup – two on Fridays!’ she laughed. Raven emphasized that the cookies she eats are ‘keto-friendly,’ and that her diet consists primarily of ‘healthy food.’

‘And I start talking to someone about fasting every day here at The View because I’m an intermittent and extended faster,’ she continued.

Raven Symone Personal Life

Raven-Symoné said in August 2013 that she was “glad to learn today that more states allowed homos*xual marriage” and that it was “wonderful to know may now, should wish to.”

She emphasized her rejection of labels and identifying as African-American or LGBT in an October 2014 interview with Oprah Winfrey, stating that she was an “American” and a “person who loves humans.” The 2016 Montreal Pride Parade nominated her as Grand Marshal.

Between 2012 and 2015, Raven-Symoné married model and actress AzMarie Livingston. Miranda Maday, a social media manager, proposed to her in June 2020.

She took a break from acting in 2013 to pursue an associate’s degree in visual arts at the Academy of Art University, which she finished in 2016. She returned to The View as a co-host in 2015, after a long hiatus. She backed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the 2016 presidential election.

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