Miley Cyrus’ Brother Trace Shows Off Incredible Body Transformation: Miley Cyrus’ Brother Before & After Puicture

Miley Cyrus’ Brother before after

He’s comfortable in his own skin! Trace Cyrus not only shared a dramatic before and after photo of his recent body transformation, but he also opened up about his mental health issues and how they impacted his physical health.

Before and After Weight Loss and Transformations

On Wednesday, August 17, the Metro Station singer, 33, took to Twitter to show off his weight loss via two side-by-side images of his heavily tattooed abdomen.

“The picture on the left is what I looked like at the end of last year. I was mentally destroyed & it really affected my physical health. The pic on the right is me now,” Miley Cyrus’ brother captioned the split image. “Your mindset is everything. It can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. F–k motivation. Stay dedicated!”

Trace has kept fans updated on his workout routine over the last year by posting numerous gym selfies alongside motivational messages.

How much weight has he lost?

I lost around 30 pounds in the past 3 months. It’s hard to describe how much better I feel. The main thing that really changed me was eliminating toxic people from my life. I was still working out pretty much every day when I was fat. But my focus is on a different level now. So much of my energy was going towards trying to make other people happy and in the process I completely neglected myself. Sometimes the best thing you can do is be selfish with your time & make yourself the priority.

Trace has been using social media to document his fitness and mental health journey. In July, he shared another shirtless photo. “Going to hang out with Noah this week and get back in my workout routine,” he wrote. “Fasted yesterday and today and lost 7 pounds – needed to give my body a break from eating so much the past few months. Feeling great!”

Trace Cyrus seemed wary of the weekend a few weeks ago. He warned his social media followers about the weekend’s temptations.  “Don’t let it distract you from your goals. Choose wisely the people you spend your time with. It’s better to be alone than surround yourself with the energy of others who don’t have the same ambition and drive as you.”

I struggled with mental health issues!

“I’m back in the gym, completely focused.” “I’m going to really step it up over the next few months,” the “Shake It” singer captioned an Instagram boomerang of himself without a shirt on May 19. The next day, he followed up with an inspirational message to his followers. “Don’t let the weekend derail your plans,” Trace wrote. “Remain focused.”

In June, the musician stated that despite the summer heat, he was determined to achieve his objectives. “Been doing a lot more cardio and I’m actually starting to enjoy it,” he captioned the Instagram photo, which showed him without a shirt.

Trace, like his sisters Miley and Noah, is no stranger to changing up his appearance, having shaved his head in July. “I woke up yesterday with the sudden desire to shave my head.” It’s probably not permanent, but it feels great for the summer!” he wrote alongside a selfie of his new ‘do on social media. “What are your thoughts?!?”

Trace appears to be having a big year in 2022, as he is also finishing up a new album. After years of relationship problems, the artist appears to be focusing on himself with the release of his solo EP, Killing the Pain, in 2021.

The Kentucky native called it quits with ex-fiancée Taylor Lauren Sanders in 2020, and with ex-fiancée Brenda Song eight years prior. Trace released a single about his relationship with the Suite Life of Zack and Cody alum, 34, titled “Brenda,” six years after their split.

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What age is Trace Cyrus?

33 years, February 24, 1989

Is Trace Cyrus in a relationship?

Trace Cyrus is no longer in a relationship. When he shared a selfie with Miley Cyrus on Thursday, the star, 30, confirmed his relationship status with Taylor Lauren Sanders. “Some of you may already know, but I’m recently single and grateful to have my family around me during this time,” he wrote in the caption.