Michelle Obama Weight Gain: She Opens Up About Menopause Weight Gain: ‘This Slow Creep’!

Michelle Obama Weight Gain
Michelle Obama Weight Gain

Michelle Obama Weight Gain: Former First Lady Michelle Obama has stated, “I am still physically active, and my objective now, instead of having ‘Michelle Obama arms,’ is just to keep moving.”

She Opens Up About Menopause Weight Gain: ‘This Slow Creep’!

Michelle Obama has opened out about the bodily changes she has seen while entering menopause. The 58-year-old former first lady told People about going through menopause in an effort to normalize female hormonal transitions.

Menopause is a topic that is rarely discussed. It’s something I’m experiencing personally, and I know that pretty much all of my friends can relate. Furthermore, details are scant “she elaborated

Chicago native and attorney Michelle Obama recently disclosed that she and her closest friends used to hold fitness “boot camps” in the White House while she was living there with her then-husband, former President Barack Obama.

The two women, who once jokingly referred to Obama as the “Drillmaster,” are now leaning on each other as they go through menopause. I’ve noticed that it’s easier to talk about problems when people are moving and laughing together.

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‘What is a hot flash?’

“to which she responded. “There are OBGYN friends at this table, so we can get the straight scoop. It’s all encouraging, and it keeps us going.

Obama has stated that her approach to fitness has evolved as she has gotten older. “She attributed some of her symptoms to natural aging and others to the onset of menopause. I’ve noticed that I have less stamina than I used to.

Personally, that wouldn’t work. It’s when I pull a muscle or have some other catastrophic injury that I have to give up the game. We’re not talking about the same amount of time for healing.

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Instead of putting herself through rigorous cardio training, Obama now concentrates on stretching to maintain her flexibility. There’s a fine line between pushing yourself to the point of injury and being kind with your body so that you can continue competing, she said.

Obama and a few of her boot camp buddies had gained weight as many women do throughout menopause. When I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight, I never bothered to weigh myself.

“I’m not trying to be too numerical here, but there’s a subtle creep that happens when you hit menopause that you don’t even recognize,” Obama added. Menopausal women everywhere are wearing athleisure clothing and elasticized waistbands since they no longer fit.

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