Michael Jackson’s Before And After Plastic Surgery Nose Jobs, Face And Skin Tone

When Michael Jackson died in 2009, his death left many questions unanswered about the eccentric pop star’s alleged plastic surgery. Throughout his career, his dramatic change made him famous, as fans wondered how much surgery he’d had and why his skin had turned white.

Michael admitted in a 2003 documentary with Martin Bashir that he only had a nose job. “Only my nose has been changed with plastic surgery,” he said. “It helped me breathe better so I could play higher notes.” “I am telling you the truth: I didn’t do anything to my face.”

Michael told Oprah Winfrey in the early 1990s that the pale spots on his body were caused by a skin condition called vitiligo. This was the reason for his fair skin. In 2009, Dr. Arnold Klein, a dermatologist, said that was true.

But other experts say Michael had a lot more work done than just a nose job and a lightening of his skin.

Michael Jackson Before And Picture

First Nose Surgery

In 1979, Michael got his first nose job. He said that he didn’t get surgery to make his nose smaller because he wanted to, but because he broke it during dance practice and needed surgery to fix it.

Second Nose Surgery

But Michael wasn’t happy with his first nose job, so he had it done again to fix it.

Third Nose Surgery

Michael’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Hoefflin, said that the second nose job made it hard for him to breathe and “needed more work.”

Chin Surgery

Michael’s chin split unexpectedly in 1988.

Face Surgery

During the 1990s, Dr. Wallace Goodstein worked with Michael’s surgeon. He said that Michael came in for surgery “every two months.”

“While I was there, I had about 10 to 12 surgeries,” he said in 2009.

Nose Surgery Again

During the 1990s, Michael’s nose and skin became noticeably thinner and whiter. Michael told Oprah Winfrey at the time that he had vitiligo, a skin condition that made his skin lighter.

Overall Face Surgery

Uri Geller, a magician who is Michael’s friend, said that Michael told him he was changing his appearance to “not look like his father.”

Overall Face Surgery Again

By this time, his face had changed so much that it was hard to tell what procedures he had had. However, Dr. Goodstein said that he had “multiple nose jobs, cheek implants, and a cleft in his chin.” He had surgery on his eyelids, and you name it, he did it.

Nose Profile

After Michael’s nose had been fixed so many times, it started to cave in. “I fixed [his nose]… Dr. Arnold Klein told Larry King in 2009 that he used fillers. “I used hyaluronic acids, and they worked great. It’s hard to do because you don’t want to put in too much. “And you have to do it just right so that the material flows smoothly.”

Overall Face

In 2015, a documentary called “The 10 Faces of Michael Jackson” said that the late singer’s face had been through more than 100 procedures.

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