Lauren Ash Talks About Her Chronic Illness In Response To Comments About Her Weight Loss: “I Didn’t Go On A Diet.”

Lauren Ash Weight Loss
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Lauren claims that neither a crash diet nor a surgical procedure caused her weight reduction.

And to the countless people who keep requesting my “secret,” I implore you to cease. There is no secret,” she continued in her statement. “I cut stress out of my existence. I’m done now. Amazing things happen when our bodies are under a lot of duress.

Lauren didn’t admit that her weight was also a result of chronic disease until much later.

Lauren Ash was sick, but what illness? PCOS was identified in the Actress

According to the CDC, a staggering 5 million women of childbearing age are said to be impacted by polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition brought on by an imbalance of reproductive hormones. Some signs and symptoms of PCOS are acne, thinning hair, and weight increase.

In June 2022, Lauren revealed her long-hidden struggle with a chronic disease. The Actress posted an image of herself before and after receiving medical attention for the condition, along with a simple, open message to her followers. She detailed the effects PCOS has had on her over the years in it.

Five years ago today, the photo on the left was shot. Due to PCOS, I needed an urgent operation to remove recurrent cysts from my right ovary. Lauren said this was only six months after my initial process to remove tumors from the same ovary.

And please stop making assumptions about my weight reduction, accusing me of having lipo in secret, and other forms of insanity. I have a chronic illness, and I live with it,” she stated. Chronic diseases can take years or a lifetime to become manageable. And I do. It’s a significant achievement in my existence. I skipped the regimen. And whenever I’ve tried to clarify in public, I’ve been accused of lying.

She continued, you never know what someone is going through behind closed walls.

Lauren has had health issues, but she appears to be in good condition right now. And we enjoy seeing it.

Lauren Ash has talked about having PCOS and trying to lose weight.

Last year, there were reports online that the Actress had weight loss surgery, but she later set the record straight on Instagram.

What do you think is fun? Others say they worry about your health while you live in a more extensive body. Besides a picture of herself in May 2022 that showed off her new body, Lauren said that women couldn’t win. “But when you go from a more extensive body to a smaller one, people worry about your health.

Lauren says she didn’t lose weight because of a bad diet or an operation.

And to the many people asking me what my “secret” is, I beg you to stop. In her piece, she said, “There is no mystery.” “I got rid of stress in my life. I’m done now. When our bodies are under a lot of pressure, beautiful things happen.

Lauren didn’t accept that a long-term illness also caused her weight until a long time after.

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40 years (4 February 1983)

Is Lauren Indian?

No, She is American.

Why did Lauren go back to the U.S.?

She said that the differences between India and the US were too significant, which made her sad. “Instead of letting it bother me, I just stopped everything.” Lauren clarified that she was not competing with anyone and is happy for people who came after her and did well. “I decided to go.



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