Kourtney Kardashian Before And After Pictures | Full Transformation Journey!

Koutney kardashian
Koutney kardashian

The star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has evolved in beauty.

Have you noticed anything? Kourtney Kardashian has changed her appearance!

Actually, several new looks are in order. Every time I saw a photo of the reality star recently, I had to double-check that it was her. She frequently transforms into Kim Kardashian, a phenomenon we’ve seen before with Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner. (These days, not even Kim looks like Kim.)

But there are times when I don’t recognize her AT ALL, as I’ll demonstrate in a moment. Nobody should be surprised by the possibility of cosmetic interventions. We’re discussing the Kardashian-Jenners here. As we saw with Kendall, even the “natural” ones get tweaked. Why should Kourtney, now 39, be any different?

Let’s take a look at her beauty evolution over the years and see what’s going on!


Thankfully, her face appears much more at ease in this picture—I believe Botox can take a few months to “set.” Once more, she is styling herself in the manner of Kim with wet hair, a dark tan, and contouring and highlighting. I just noticed that she has much less hollowness under her eyes now, which suggests fillers, in terms of her features.


She appears even younger the following year, at 37. She’s wearing a lot of foundation (and possibly not the best shade), but her skin looks smoother and more radiant. She just doesn’t look like herself, and I’m not sure why.


And then there’s this… I had no idea who this person was! Lip filler is a big change, and there’s a lot of it. I believe it’s also in her cheeks, along with Botox on her brow. Could those cheekbones be the result of something more permanent? (Is this why she doesn’t resemble herself?)

By the end of 2017, Kourtney had become a carbon copy of Kim. Isn’t this insane? Much of it is due to the makeup—we have Kim-style brows, contour, and lashes. But we also have Kim’s cheekbones, Botox to smooth out forehead lines and crow’s feet, and possibly a jawline procedure. She had some early sagging there, but it’s now unbelievably tight! I’m guessing it was liposuction for fat removal.


In 2016, Kourtney appeared to be more rested. I believe she was dabbling in injections by this point, at the very least in her forehead and lips. Her face appears firmer, so she may have undergone Thermage treatments to help lift the areas that were beginning to sag.


Yes, this one caught me off guard. But, in 2015, she was going through a breakup with Scott Disick (on top of parenting three kids!) That kind of thing is always visible on your face. Stress is a jerk!


She was 35 years old and pregnant again when she arrived (with her third child). Okay, she’s probably over-tanned, and her makeup could be better, but she looks so radiant and natural!


Kourt’s appearance changed dramatically between 2012 and 2013, and I don’t believe it was due to having a baby. Her nose is becoming more refined; it’s more petite and button-like, with a narrower bridge. Because her eyes are no longer as hooded, I suspect she had an eyelid tuck. She looks stunning; excellent work! I also like the natural makeup and the tone-on-tone highlights.


For a brief moment, I mistook this for Eva Longoria! No, it’s still Kourtney—but she was pregnant again in 2012, which explains her puffier face. (Her light, pink-toned eye makeup isn’t helping!)


This is my favorite photo because she looks so pretty with her half-up hair and the sheer oranges and gold in her makeup. It’s nice to see someone with a naturally fuller lower lip (before everyone started pumping up the top one!). Perhaps she was getting Botox injections to smooth her brow.


What a difference a year can make! With the show’s success, the Kardashian sisters most likely began working with better hairstylists, makeup artists, and stylists, which explains their newfound polished glam. I adore this low, loose side bun, and the peach tones are stunning. Her nose appeared to be unaltered, but her front teeth appear to have been reshaped and professionally whitened, or veneers were fitted.



She was 23 years old at the time and had lost some of her baby weight. She has over-plucked brows, too-dark lip liner, and a “K” necklace… how the very early 2000s! Again, we can see her wider nose, and I’d like to draw attention to her heavy-lidded eyes.


We’ll start with this one from the mid-’90s when Kourtney was 16. With a gorgeous big smile, full cheeks, and what appears to be a wider nose bridge, we can safely assume she was natural here. Her dark brunette hair is highlighted with a few highlights.

Kourtney Kardashian Before and After

kourtney kardashian before and after
Kourtney Kardashian before and after

In Kourtney’s case, the differences may be subtle until you see the side-by-side comparison above. Then it’s clear she’s had a few nips and tucks over the years, just like the rest of the family. For starters, I’d recommend rhinoplasty, Botox, and fillers.

What are the experts’ thoughts?

A nose job, for sure. “[She] most likely had a rhinoplasty because her nose appears more refined and straight [in 2017 versus 2002],” Life & Style’s Dr. Vartan Mardirossian said. “It appears that Kourtney has had rhinoplasty to straighten her nose,” Dr. Susan Evans told Radar Online.

But, it appears, that’s not all. “It also appears that she has had cheekbone fillers and fillers under her eyes rather than eye surgery,” Dr. Evans says. “She also appears to have had a chin implant to correct her previous double chin.”

I’m not sure, but I don’t see a chin implant! I agree with Dr. Robert Tornambe, who told Popdust that Kourtney may have had “liposuction of the jaw region.”

Everyone agrees she was injected. “Her face appears wrinkle-free, possibly due to a combination of Botox injections to her forehead and fillers like Juvederm into her wrinkles,” Dr. Tony Youn told Radar Online. “I also believe her lips were subtly plumped up with a filler such as Restylane.”

Overall, the work is conservative… for a Kardashian. But I was concerned for a while that she would end up with a completely different face! Tell me what you think is going on here.

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