Kim Kardashian Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

kim kardashian surgery
kim kardashian surgery

Fans of Kim Kardashian said that the reality TV star didn’t look like herself in resurfaced photos from before plastic surgery claims, which they say show her “real body.” The 41-year-old star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has denied rumors that she’s had several plastic surgery procedures.

Kim Kardashian has said she has had Botox and laser hair removal, but she has never said she has had fillers, breast implants, a nose job, or bum fillers in public. After a bunch of old photos of the reality TV star turned up, fans with sharp eyes have flocked to Reddit to talk about Kim’s “old look.”

One of Kim’s fans shared some old photos of her from the beginning of her reality TV career on the platform. Along with the photo, they wrote, “You couldn’t tell me anything if I was born with that face and body. “This girl has never seen anything bad. She was stunning, so there was no reason for her to change her face and body.”

The gorgeous photos of Kim showed the brunette bombshell posing for a number of “natural” shots. For example, one photo showed her posing for a number of striking birthday photos, and another showed her looking happy and relaxed as she stormed the streets of LA.


Under the post, fans argued about Kim’s old looks. One person said that Kim’s “fake look” had “ruined” her natural beauty. “The smile on her real face is ethereal. Everything was so perfect that it’s hard to understand how she could have thought anything else “someone gave.

“Kim has always been so gorgeous. She didn’t need anything extra, but now that she has this fake look, it’s too late “another person said. “I wish we could all just love ourselves the way she does in these photos. She has no idea that she and her sisters are the reason why beauty standards are so hard to reach now “someone else complained.

At the same time, a fourth wrote: “I loved this time in Kim’s life. I don’t think this was her real face, though. I think she was still working when these pictures were taken.” Kim and her sisters have said for a long time that they have never had any plastic surgery.

They’ve also gotten a lot of flak for “Photoshopping” their pictures.

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