Kanye West Teeth Before And After Photos; Kanye West Replaces His Bottom Teeth With Diamonds

kanye west teeth before and after
kanye west teeth before and after

Kanye West Reportedly Had His Teeth Extracted And Replaced With Diamonds But, Is This True?

Ellen DeGeneres could hardly believe it when Kanye West revealed his brand-new front teeth to her yesterday. DeGeneres questioned, “You just put it on top of your teeth?” The rap icon answered, “No. It’s like it’s taken the place of my bottom row of teeth. We had some reservations as well here at the Music Mix, so we consulted a specialist, Dr. Emanuel Layliev of the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

Layliev is not persuaded by West’s assertion that he pulled his teeth out and replaced them with precious metals and minerals. The dentist believes that while it is possible, he doubts that the gold was extended into his actual socket within the gum and bone to replace the teeth themselves. It is impossible to simply implant gold into the bone or gums without any link to your natural teeth.

Layliev claims that, more or less as Ellen suspected, West had his teeth reduced in size and utilized them as support for a bridge set in gold and diamonds. Another possibility is that West had his front teeth surgically removed, titanium implants implanted in their place, and the glitzy building added on top. The titanium implants would need to set for several months after the second treatment.

In either case, according to Layliev, there are very few medical hazards. It is not at all hazardous to do this. If anything, gold is superior to every restorative material now used in dentistry. He also agrees with West’s claim that he uses ordinary toothpaste to clean his new choppers. That is acceptable as long as he is also flossing and using some sort of antibacterial mouthwash.

Layliev claims that aside from the apparent expense of providing the gold and diamonds, it wouldn’t necessarily be more expensive than any typical mouth surgery. Even though the diamonds are obviously excluded from insurance coverage, the major dental procedures might be covered. Having said that, very few individuals outside of West are likely to go through with this. It’s not a typical process, says Layliev. “At the office, we don’t do this very often. Our focus is largely on improving teeth in a natural way.

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Is Kanye West Embarrassed By His Dental Choice Given His Diamond Teeth?

We couldn’t help but note that Mr. West maintains an unusually stone-cold face in photographs, which is odd considering that he has many reasons to smile.

Then we recalled that the 35-year-old had subpar dental work performed back in 2010 when he had diamonds inserted in the bottom row of teeth. West gave Ellen DeGeneres the following explanation for why he decided to get his teeth pulled in favour of the highly compressed carbon: “I merely believed diamonds to be more attractive. Simply said, it’s what rock stars are expected to do.”

When asked about his dental procedure, West told Vanity Fair, “I simply enjoy diamond teeth and I didn’t feel like having to take them out all the time,” which is what we believe he truly meant to say.

Back then, E! News spoke to a few dentists who believed West might be lying about having his teeth pulled out, telling the website that the procedure “borders on malpractice to pull a healthy tooth.”

West has been wearing those sparklers for two years, so to us, they appear to be genuine. He might not be grinning since he is currently feeling really uncomfortable about it. Yes, we would.

How Do You Take Care Of Diamond Teeth Like Those On Kanye West?

Just hours before he attacked Times employee Chris Lee on Twitter, Kanye West appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show on Tuesday to discuss his new movie, “Runaway,” how he handled the messy Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and — his diamond teeth? Put your money where your mouth is, people.

Kanye explained the style he’s been tweeting about since the summer: “I just thought the diamonds were cooler.”

After the jump, a (somewhat hazy) video of the encounter is available. Sadly, the image above doesn’t do the new piece of art justice. We’d love to offer you a clearer image of Kanye’s new teeth, but we believe his financial advisors have advised him to preserve his assets since he often only flashes his top teeth in photos.

In light of the fact that (A) this is Kanye we’re talking about and (B) his teeth were severely damaged in a car accident in 2002, the fashion blog Styleite argues that this isn’t that out there.

Then there are the factors related to routine oral care and eating.

Julien Tudose at Dental Care of La Verne, which is close to the Inland Empire, says: “If [this fixture] is permanent, good luck with oral care.” It will be a little difficult to chew. No opening a beer can with your teeth or eating peanut butter brittle. The diamond’s weight is more than the weight of a typical tooth structure, so it will also have an impact on his jaw. The top [row] of his teeth will deteriorate more quickly if he has nothing there. His upper teeth will be damaged in five to seven to ten years.

Which implies that a few years from now, we might discuss this topic again. Tudose claims that diamond-encrusted dental appliances aren’t that unusual, and he recently gave a patient’s front tooth a diamond crown.

How do you feel about this design? Would you ever give it a try? Any additional dentists out there who would like to comment on this and share their thoughts? We’re eager to hear from you, to be honest.

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