Has Jocelyn Had Undergone Plastic Surgery – Who Is She? Everything You Need To Know!

jocelyn plastic surgery
jocelyn plastic surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein is an American socialite who was born on September 7, 1940. She is known for her comprehensive plastic surgery, which gave her cat-like looks, her high-profile relationship breakdown with billionaire art collector and businessman Alec Wildenstein in 1999, and her lavish lifestyle and bankruptcy filing afterward.

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How much does Jocelyn Wildenstein’s Net Worth?

When she and Alec Wildenstein broke up in 1999, she broke a record for divorce settlements and became one of the richest women in America.

She may have gotten a divorce payment of £2 million and a servicing payment of £80 million a year.

She currently resides in Trump Towers, which is currently owned by the unconventional US President. Her apartment is worth £10 million.

MailOnline said in December that Wildenstein could not even buy food because her ex-husband had stopped paying child support.

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Has Wildenstein Said That He Has Never Had Plastic Surgery?

In a meeting with the Daily Mail, the socialite rejected that she had plastic surgery and said that her “high cheekbones and long hair” were due to her Swiss heritage.

Her boyfriend, Lloyd Klein, told the Mail that when he and Wildenstein are in France, people often think she is Brigitte Bardot, a famous French actress, and s*x symbol.

The 77-year-old woman responded, “No, especially when we look back at my pictures – I believe of course I am maybe more attractive,” when explicitly questioned about whether or not she had ever undergone cosmetic surgery (back then).

“When we’re young, we have a certain freshness that fades as we get older. But the same eyes, high cheeks, or nose are still there. I think I looked better.”

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Jocelyn Wildenstein’s Personal Life

When they were both in their 30s, Périsset and Wildenstein got married and had two children.

In 1999, when they split up, the Wildenstein’s did not get along. When Jocelyn walked into her bedroom at the Wildenstein home in New York and saw her husband with a 19-year-old Russian model, he threatened to shoot her with a gun. Alec Wildenstein had to spend the night in jail because of this.

During the trial, death threats were sent to the judge in charge, Marilyn Diamond. During her divorce, the judge said she couldn’t use any of her alimony money to get more plastic surgery.

Jocelyn hired Ed Rollins to help her with public relations and both Bernard Clair and Kenneth Godt, at different times, to give her legal advice.

Wildenstein started dating fashion designer Lloyd Klein in 2003. After some very public fights at home, the couple broke up in 2016.

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