Jake Borelli’s Inspiring Weight Gain Journey: How He Did It?

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The Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 premiere, broadcast on October 6, 2022, revealed Jake Borelli’s weight gain. Conversations about how he has acquired weight and become obese are widely shared on social media. Jake Borelli, however, is unaware of his weight gain.

Jake Borelli, an American actor, is best known for his performances as Dr. Levi Schmitt in Grey’s Anatomy and Wolfgang in The Thundermans. He was born in Columbus, Ohio, and performed with the Columbus Children’s Theatre in over a dozen plays, including roles in Holes, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Wiley and the Hairy Man, and Cheaper by the Dozen.

He was accepted to the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Ohio State University after finishing Upper Arlington High School. He nevertheless made the decision to focus on performing in Los Angeles. He obtained minor roles on several television shows after moving to Los Angeles, including iCarly, Parenthood, NCIS: Los Angeles, True Jackson, VP, Greek, and Suburgatory.

Since then, the performer has appeared in many short movies. In 2017, he was given a role in the Netflix comedy-drama Reality High. He announced the same year that he would portray Dr. Levi Schmitt, an intern on Grey’s Anatomy. After a five-year hiatus, he recently finished Season 19 of the recently broadcast television series.

He has put on weight, as evidenced by Grey’s Anatomy’s twentieth season. He hasn’t acknowledged it, despite the interest of the followers. This concludes our knowledge of Jake Borelli’s weight gain.

The Reasons Behind Jake Borelli’s Weight Gain

Levi’s weight gain results from his willpower and eating patterns rather than a medical condition.

The medical drama’s 18th season ended on May 24, 2022, and the shooting was wrapped up a few months earlier. Jake gained weight during his typical gap period when he overate and skipped the exercise.

Therefore, the actor’s weight gain can be attributed to his eating practices alone; no particular cause exists. It is also common, as most people acquire weight and fluctuate 20 to 30 pounds. As a result, Jake’s weight gain was consistent with that of other healthy people.

Most online users have been seen body-shaming the actor, which is wrong because everyone’s weight varies, despite the possibility that Borelli will acquire weight due to the screenplay requirement for the upcoming season.

How Jake Borelli gained weight

In his pursuit to gain weight, Jake Borelli worked closely with a personal trainer and a nutritionist to develop a plan to help him gain weight healthily and sustainably. He increased his caloric intake and consumed nutrient-dense foods high in protein and healthy fats. He also added supplements to his diet to help him get the nutrients his body needed.

Jake Borelli’s diet plan

Jake Borelli’s diet plan included a combination of whole foods and supplements. He consumed many protein-rich foods such as chicken, turkey, and fish and healthy fats from foods such as avocados, nuts, and seeds. He also incorporated complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potatoes into his diet.

Jake Borelli’s workout routine

In addition to his diet plan, Jake Borelli followed a rigorous workout routine to help him build muscle and gain weight. He worked with a personal trainer who designed a workout plan that included weight lifting, cardio, and other exercises that helped him gain strength and build muscle mass.

Challenges faced during the weight gain journey

Jake Borelli’s weight gain journey was not without its challenges. He faced much criticism and negativity from people who thought he was “ruining” his image by gaining weight. However, he remained committed to his goal and worked hard to achieve it.

Jake Borelli’s weight gain transformation and achievements

Jake Borelli’s weight gain journey has been a tremendous success. He has gained over 30 pounds of muscle, remarkably transforming his physique. His hard work and dedication have earned his fans and followers much respect and admiration.

Jake Borelli describes his character’s relationship with Dr. Jo Wilson.

Jake Borelli and Camilla Luddington discussed how much they appreciate playing best friends on Grey’s Anatomy in a joint interview with ExtraTV. Even Borelli said,

I must admit that my favorite element of the entire performance is our friendship. Our relationship has been fantastic since the first day of my arrival and filming.

They’re always hilarious together, Luddington agreed, adding. She mentioned how much she enjoyed the character interaction. Watching how the actors interpret the numerous character links across the countless Grey’s Anatomy episodes is always interesting, even when Ellen Pompeo doesn’t appear.

In the instance of Borelli’s admiration for his character’s relationship with Dr. Wilson, this interaction seems to take place off-screen.

Luddington got down with BuzzFeed in 2020 to respond to some of the most pressing queries from the audience. When questioned if her on-screen romance with Levi affects their relationship off-screen, Luddington replied, “I text Jake often!” Borelli concurred with her sentiment when he concurrently tweeted, “Uggg, I adore my scenes with @camilluddington.

Lessons to learn from Jake Borelli’s weight gain journey

Jake Borelli’s weight gain journey is an inspiring story of perseverance and dedication. It teaches us that anything is possible with the right mindset, hard work, and commitment. It also highlights the importance of having a support system and seeking professional help to achieve a goal.

Quick Info About Jake Borelli

Best Known For

Playing Dr. Levi Schmitt in Grey’s Anatomy, a medical thriller television series

First Movie

In 2012, Jake made his theatrical film début as Josh in Nesting.

First TV program

In 2009, his first TV performance was Psych: Flashback to the Teen Years, where he played Teenage Shawn.

Personal trainer

Jake engages in various physical pursuits, such as hiking, to keep himself in shape and active. According to an Instagram photo, his preferred hiking location is between The Griffith Observatory and the mountain summit.

Jake Borelli’s favorite

Los Angeles location is the ascent to the mountain’s summit from The Griffith Observatory.
Instagram is the source.

Conclusion: Be inspired by Jake Borelli’s weight gain story.

Jake Borelli’s weight gain journey is a testament to the power of hard work and determination. His story is a source of inspiration for anyone struggling with body image and self-confidence. By following his example, we can learn to embrace our bodies and work towards achieving our goals healthily and sustainably.

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