In The Whale, Brendan Fraser Reveals The Real Reason For His Weight Gain

Brendan Fraser Weight Gain
Brendan Fraser Weight Gain

Brendan Fraser was born to Carol Mary and Peter Fraser in Indianapolis, Indiana. Early theatre experiences, especially in London, led him to the Cornish Institute of the Arts in Seattle.

The veteran actor also had a small role as a sailor in River Phoenix and is known for his roles in Dogfight, Encino Man, School Ties, and Gods and Monsters.

People Magazine also said that Brendan Fraser was one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. In 1997 and 2003, many of the movies he worked on, like The Mummy, Dudley of the Mountain, and Looney Tunes: Back in Action, were the biggest hits at the box office.

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Brendan Fraser’s Weight Gain in 2022

Brendan Fraser looks completely different and unrecognizable now that he has gained a lot of weight. Well, we could blame Brendan Fraser’s hard life for this change. All of this, along with health problems and multiple surgeries, made it hard for Brendan Fraser to stay healthy. Over time, he gained weight and became hard to recognize in his 40s and 50s.

But the Hollywood star doesn’t like to just sit around and do nothing. He has been working instead, and he is already starting to get back in charge of his crazy life. Brendan Fraser is even close to coming back. The actor was just in Trust on FX, but he has also been in Behind the Curtain of Night and The Field.

Even though he weighs 209 pounds, he is no longer sad and doesn’t mind being in the spotlight because he told everyone what was going on. In the meantime, the actor has shown that he is a great performer and has gotten fat and stiff. He has put on a lot of weight to get ready for his role in The Whale.

After Brendan Fraser got into a lot of trouble, hundreds of tabloids started to write about how fat he was. But he just finished a new movie called “The Whale,” in which he plays a teacher of literature who weighs more than 270 kg and is stuck on his couch while trying to get back in touch with her 17-year-old daughter.

Even though Fraser didn’t add more than 200 kg to the actor’s weight for the movie, he was able to make prosthetics look magical. He didn’t need to put on a lot of weight. This brand-new method has already gotten a lot of praise and criticism.

Problems With Brendan Fraser’s Health, Depression, And Divorce

Brendan Fraser has been in and out of hospitals for the last seven years. Soon after, he became sad and refused to go out in public. Fraser had a lot of surgeries, including a laminectomy, which is a way to take pressure off of the spinal cord or nerves.

He also said that the lumbar surgery didn’t work, so they had to do it again a year later. The actor couldn’t keep his athletic body after more back surgeries, a partial knee replacement, surgery on his vocal cords, and other procedures.

Fraser went through a divorce, lost his mother, and was sexually harassed by Philip Berk, who used to be the head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Berk said that the claims were false.

Fraser met actress Afton Smith at a cookout at Winona Ryder’s house on July 4, 1993, the day after he arrived in Los Angeles. They got married on September 27, 1998, and now have three sons: Griffin Arthur Fraser, Holden Fletcher Fraser, and Leland Francis Fraser.

Fraser’s publicist said in December 2007 that he and his wife had decided to split up after their Beverly Hills house sold for $3 million in April 2007. In 2008, Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith went their separate ways.

Fraser was told to pay Afton alimony of $50,000 per month for ten years or until she remarries, whichever comes first. He also had to pay child support of $25,000 per month.

The Doom Patrol actor’s career suffered because of the attack, his subsequent divorce, and the death of his mother. His health problems and the backlash he got for speaking out against Berk in the business also made him feel very sad.

On the plus side, the father of three has been working more in the past few years, starting with roles in the TV shows The Affair, Trust, and Condor.