Gwen Stefani Before & After Pictures: Has Gwen Stefani Had Plastic Surgery?

Gwen Stefani before & after
Gwen Stefani before & after

She never ages! Despite being in the music industry for more than two decades, Gwen Stefani appears to get more and more attractive every year. But has the singer ever sought any cosmetic surgery? The mother of three has never talked to fans about getting surgery.

How does she manage to maintain such beautiful skin? Gwen attributes everything to her skincare regimen.

“I don’t have a complicated routine, but I wash my face with a makeup-removing cleanser. I’ve only lately begun using these dermatologist-recommended pads, which remove more makeup. The singer of “Sweet Escape,” who said, “I cannot believe how much makeup was on there for all those years,” told InStyle in 2017. “I recall attempting to wash my face in that tiny sink on a bus while I was on tour. That’s all I’ve ever done.

While Gwen’s nighttime routine is rather straightforward, she acknowledged to Stellar of The Daily Telegraph in March 2021 that she is “obsessed” with the aging process.

Everyone finds growing older and having to confront life quite difficult. It can be intimidating, especially for women and those who have experienced the spotlight, but you can overcome it by simply attempting to be the best attractive version of yourself both inside and out, she said at the time. “I suppose it’s a compliment when people comment on how old I am. I’m also a little preoccupied with my age.

The “Just a Girl” singer revealed during the same interview that a large part of her attractiveness stems from her contentment with hubby Blake Shelton.

I look the best I’ve ever looked in my life in those photos, I look back over the past five years and look at pictures of when I first started kissing Blake,” Gwen said. “I must look, good wearing love. That certainly does come through, in my opinion.

Gwen, however, is undoubtedly a major makeup fan. In actuality, her cosmetics line GXVE debuted in March 2022.

Prior to the brand’s introduction, she told Refinery29, “I would always get a lot of s-t for [wearing makeup]. “When I wore a mask, people would question, ‘What are you trying to hide?'” No, I just adore cosmetics. Simply put, I feel more attractive when wearing it.

Even some of the singer’s longstanding admirers began to wonder if it was actually her after seeing her in a striking fishnets and cut-outs costume and long blonde hair.

Hundreds of comments were left on interview clips that were uploaded to the show’s YouTube account expressing amazement at Stefani’s new appearance.

One of the most popular comments said, “She’s practically unrecognizable.”

Another person added, “She looks absolutely different today.

“I’m old enough to recall her wearing braces and pink hair. Another person referred to one of her No Doubt outfits from the late 1990s and said, “Can’t believe how different she looks now.

“Despite being a Gwen fan my entire life, I failed to recognize her. I’m really bewildered,” another person wrote.

Without the title, “Would never have realized this was Gwen Stefani!” another said.

Over the years, there has been much speculation about Stefani’s almost ageless appearance, but the celebrity has never revealed in the media that she has undergone any cosmetic treatments. When host James Corden questioned her in 2016 on Carpool Karaoke about why she appeared to be aging backward, she explained that it was because of her romance with her future husband Blake Shelton.

“I suppose I started to fall in love. I then composed an entire record of that. I believe that is what a “facelift” entails.

It’s not the first time the chameleonic Stefani has garnered media attention for a nearly unrecognizably new appearance. In 2016, she shocked fans by showing up at the Billboard Awards with drastically different makeup, a departure so significant that her longtime make-up artist later had to defend the new look in public.

And when the singer fronted up to an episode of The Voice last year, she caused a stir with a bizarre new hairstyle that included her typical blonde hair with black bangs and a black ponytail.

Stefani began her career as the lead singer of the 90s ska-pop band No Doubt. After going solo in 2004 and eventually developing her own clothing and cosmetics lines, Stefani developed into a style icon.

The artist hasn’t put out an album in five years, so fans hoping to hear more of her music will be let down by her open admission in a recent interview.

Stefani acknowledged writing “30+ songs” for a new album while under Covid isolation, but she said she wasn’t thrilled about any of the songs and instead chose to concentrate her efforts on her marriage to Shelton.

She admitted to Forbes, “I kind of put it on the back burner but I also feel like I don’t really have much to say or I’m not sure if I have – so, I’m just going to wait and pray about it.”

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