Deelishis was born in Detroit, Michigan on January 2, 1978; she rose to prominence a few years ago when she appeared on VH1’s dating reality show Flavor of affection 2. If you enjoy singing, you may be familiar with Dееlh or Lоndоn hаrlе. Dееlh, аn оrgаn nаmе аndrа Dаv, а mеrсаn mоdеl аnd а fоrmеr rеаltу hоw соntеnt whо арреаrеd оn thе hоw, Flаvоr оf Lоvе 2, whо wа On the other hand, her relationship with Flavor Flav did not last. In 2016, Deelishis made a brief appearance on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Deelishis underwent plastic surgery? Her body has been worked on.

Chandra Davis, the former Flavor of Love Season 2 winner, has been the subject of numerous plastic surgery and bleaching rumors over the years. People have accused her of having her nose done and have claimed that she is unrecognizable in recent images. The 41-year-old attempted to disprove the notion that she has undergone plastic surgery by demonstrating that the only work she had done on her face is a good makeup job, which she does herself.

She posted a video of herself beating her face, which resembles what we’re used to seeing, into a put-together look that included a light foundation/powder and an expertly contoured nose.

“I’m not a MUA, but I’m also not a liar,” she wrote. “However, I can contour the hell out of my face for my own pleasure in appearance.” It’s my truth, take it or leave it.”

When speaking to Bossip in 2018, Deelishis denied rumors that her face was the result of a good doctor. She admitted that, despite having cosmetic surgery on her body, she would never touch her face due to scarring.

“I’ve had my face shaved, but it hasn’t been to my face.” “It’s only been to my breasts and my abdomen,” she revealed on an episode of Headline Heat. “I’ve had a tummy tuck because I have terrible keloid skin.” That means one of two things: I probably shouldn’t go under the knife, and two, if I did it on my face, you’d have complete evidence because I scar quite badly. So I was getting irritated with a lot of the blogs, including Bossip, when the headlines read that I had surgery and I was completely telling my fans the truth, that I hadn’t. As a result, there was a lot to deal with.”

Take it or leave it, as she said, it’s her truth that she hasn’t messed with her face. We believe she has simply shed some pounds and experimented with various makeup looks. If you’re still not convinced and want more evidence, check out the flip for photos of Deelishis from the past. You can decide for yourself whether she has truly changed or if it is all a sham.

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“I’m NOT A Liar”: Deelishis Posts Contour Tutorial To Prove She Hasn’t Done Anything To Her Face

Deelishis Net Worth

оdау, thе tоtаl еtmаtеd nеt wоrth оf hаndrа Dаv аrоund $500 thоuаnd а оf 2022, аnd hе hаvе еаrnеd mоt оf hеr mоnеу frоm thе mоdеlng hе thе wnnеr оf оnе оf thе bеttеr rеаltу hоw n mеrса, аnd thе hоw wа ut thе tаrtng оf hеr uссе. hаndrа оnе оf thе соuntrу’s tор mоdеl tоdау, аnd hе соntrbutе а lоt tо thе fаhоn wоrld tоdау.

Deelishis Then

Deelishis, a 44-year-old model and vocalist, is frequently surrounded by rumours about cosmetic surgery. Some believe she underwent Rhinoplasty, while others believe she had her cheeks and other minor facial features repaired. Rumors began to circulate after London shared a photo of herself on social media in which she appeared to be someone else. Deelishis has moved past speculations that her face was the result of an honest doctor conversing with Bossip in 2018. Despite having work done on her body, she claimed she would never touch her face due to scarring.

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Deelishis Now

London Charles’ nose appears trimmer, as seen in the image below by deelishis; even the nostrils appear to have been fixed by the process, and the hump on the bridge appears to be more pronounced and slimmer. According to the comparison image, she almost certainly had surgery. As a result, she has nose and boobs cosmetic surgery. It was, and they were far more beautiful than they are now.

Deelishis Now
Deelishis Now
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