Catherine Reitman Before And After Lips Surgery Photos: Looking Better Than Ever


Catherine Marcelle Reitman is a Canadian-American actress, producer, and writer who was born on April 28, 1981. She created, executive produced, wrote, and starred in the CBC comedy Workin’ Moms.

Most children learn in kindergarten that it is inappropriate to make fun of someone’s appearance. But when it comes to public figures, especially those accused of having plastic surgery, it appears that all bets are off. That’s why fans feel completely at ease mocking Catherine Reitman from Netflix’s Workin’ Moms.

The popular comedy series’ creator, producer, writer, and the star has received a lot of teasing about the appearance of her mouth. Even before she became famous on television, the 38-year-old actor was subjected to bullying and teasing at school. Fans are now convinced that Reitman’s distinctive mouth is the result of botched plastic surgery. But that may not be the case.

Catherine Reitman underwent lip surgery?

After comparing before and after photos of Catherine Reitman’s upper lip on the show Workin’ Moms, many people assumed she had a botched surgery. Some of these fans believe Catherine’s upper lip is ruining the series for them.

Surgery is said to have deformed Catherine Reitman’s upper lip. After the treatment, it appeared that the failed surgery resulted in granulomas. A mass of tissue caused by infection, inflammation, or the presence of a foreign substance caused her inability to close her mouth.

Catherine Reitman
Catherine Reitman

Catherine (@reitcatou) reportedly underwent another surgery to correct the problem. The botched doctors, Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, advised her to fix it. Catherine Reitman, on the other hand, has not confirmed the story about her lip augmentation. She was also seen in her show Workin’ Moms making fun of her own lips. Although it appears that she has never had surgery and that her lip is natural, the theories differ greatly.

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Catherine Reitman has been teased since childhood

Though Reitman has never directly addressed the rumors of plastic surgery, she has admitted to being teased about her appearance, particularly her mouth, since childhood.

According to the Daily Mail, she described herself as a “really awkward-looking kid” who was called “horse mouth” and other derogatory terms by her peers.
And there’s more evidence that Reitman’s mouth shape is genetic rather than the result of a botched plastic surgery procedure. Ivan Reitman, a Czechoslovak-Canadian film and television director, has a nearly identical pucker. He is best known for directing the first Ghostbusters film, as well as Twins and Kindergarten Cop.

Catherine Reitman Husband

She is married to the show’s husband, actor Philip Sternberg.

what is wrong with Catherine Reitman’s lips?

Catherine has made fun of her own lips on the Canadian show, but she has never spoken out publicly about her pout or the online shaming she receives as a result of her upper lip.

Fans are now convinced that Reitman’s distinctive mouth is the result of botched plastic surgery. But that may not be the case.

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