Cardi B Nose Before And After Picture: What Did Cardi B Do To Her Nose?

Cardi B doesn’t mind telling people that she’s had surgery. The rapper, who is 30 years old, hit back at the trolls who made fun of her for getting plastic surgery.

But in 2020, there were rumours on social media about whether or not the “WAP” rapper had a nose job.

The “Up” rappers often responds to trolls who make fun of her looks, whether it’s her surgery-enhanced body or her natural face.

But what kind of surgeries has Cardi B had? How often did it happen?

Did Cardi B Get A Nose Job?

Cardi B was seen walking around in the year 2020 with different face coverings on for weeks, making fans wonder why she was hiding her face.

After she was unmasked, some fans noticed a difference between how she looked before and after. When she posted pictures on Instagram of her 28th birthday party in October, critics were harshly picking apart her “new nose.”

One fan wrote, “Is it me, or did my baby’s nose change?”

Another person replied, “That’s what I said!” “She looks different to me, too.”

Someone else said, “Come on, I like Cardi, but I’m not stupid.” She definitely had that eye-cat surgery, and her nose and lips were changed, which is fine, but there’s no need to deny it.

Cardi B Before Surgery

Cardi B says she felt "ugly" before getting her plastic surgery
Cardi B says she felt “ugly” before getting her plastic surgery

In a recent interview with singer Mariah Carey for Interview Magazine, Cardi B opened up about how she felt before getting surgery.

The celebrity said she felt “ugly” before surgery and “confident” afterward.

Cardi revealed that she was met with insecurities growing up in her neighbourhood in the Bronx, New York. The rap stress said women with a curvy figure were praised, but Cardi was “really skinny,”  leading her to be insecure.

“Young boys would say things like, “Look at your flat arse.” “You ain’t got no titties.” “And I would feel so ugly and not grown up.” Cardi told Mariah.

When Cardi turned 18 years old, she began dancing, earning enough money to get surgery. “I had enough money to buy boobs, so any insecurity I had about my breasts was gone.”

“When I was 20, I went to an urban strip club, and you had to have a big butt,” she revealed. “So, I was worried about it. It transported me back to high school. So I did my business. Then I felt very confident in myself.”

Cardi B Before And After Picture

Cardi B: Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery - YouTube

Did Cardi B Accept Her Nose Job?

Cardi B has confirmed that she had a nose job almost two years ago, after fans noticed she looked different and suspected she had one.

Cardi B fought back at a fan who said something mean about her nose on Wednesday.

“Her Face Keeps Changing, But She Looks Good,” the fan wrote with a heart-eye emoji, and the “Bodak Yellow” rapper replied.

Cardi B said, “The nose was done in 2020, sweety.” “It’s been two years, and after I gained 30 pounds during my pregnancy, the nose is finally set and looking snatched.”

“You guys post the same comment every week, and it’s getting old. I also post every week, so please tell me when I’ll have time to recover from every new face you guys say I have every two days.” The rap artist said

Cardi B said, “It’s getting old. Just say I look good and go.”

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