Basic and useful rules for losing weight!

Basic and useful rules for losing weight!

Slimming down is often dreaded. People talk about one diet or another, but they have completely changed the meaning behind the word “diet.” Listen, it’s not hard. Just like you would go to to find the best bonuses available to you, so you would consider picking the best ways to actually slim down!

As Tony Sloterman, the product owner of Casino Bonuses Finder, says – it all comes down to one’s personal choice. You can spend time looking for the best casino or just settling for a middling one. It’s much the same way when you think about slimming down, improving your overall health, or “getting ripped” as some people say. Let’s take a look at how to best achieve some of these things.

#1 Forget about Overnight Solutions

If you are overweight or obese (no shame in that) you need to understand that you won’t achieve results overnight. You need to change a couple of things to get solutions – and visible results. You need to tell yourself that you are in for the long run.

Don’t expect to shave off kilograms in the first week even. There is too much fluctuation, but do you know what? When you are overweight losing kilos is actually better, so focus on that. Now that you have the right mindset, let’s go to the next thing.

#2 Exercise 15 Minutes a Day

Yes, this is all it takes to be healthier and arguably slimmer. If you do light cardio or even walk for 15 minutes you will be building up cardiovascular strength and burning calories. Yes, it’s not many calories, but it’s a habit and a good habit multiplied by the rest of the days of your life can have very powerful results after all.

This is how you change things in your life – or your weight. Take it as someone who went form 116 kilograms down to 77 kilograms in the space of eight months with moderate dietary changes and a fairly sedentary lifestyle.

#3 Start Counting Calories

Count calories? That’s a bit much, isn’t it? Well, you don’t have to worry too much about that really. All calories are listed at the back of what you eat. So just take a basic stock and start writing a journal (you can do it on an excel file) to see how many calories you consume.

Is it too much? Well, if so there may be something you don’t have to eat right. Some people love sugar and candy – I used to be like that. But after a while, I found good replacements. For example, did you know that ice cream has fewer calories than chocolate gingerbread?

You start noticing such things because you start counting calories. Sure, you don’t have to take it in an extreme, though. Just remember to start.

#4 See How Many Calories You Need

Now that you count calories, let’s check how many calories you actually need. This is done with a BMI calculator. It’s easy. You just go to a calculator, enter your weight, age and height and you are told exactly how many calories you need to really get some progress in. Once again, don’t be shocked if the BMI thing is too bad. It really doesn’t matter because you can make changes quickly if you are consistent.

#5 Start Going to the Gym, But Only If You Want To

There is a reason why people go to the gym to burn calories – they build muscle and this is the important thing. Muscle is a HUGE consumer of energy (calories) and even if you are sitting on the couch watching TV, there is an actual benefit to your muscle mass. Of course, if you are not into that (I am not and I still lost 45 kilos in a year), you don’t have to go. But truth be told, hiring a trainer and working closely with them to just start building mass is one of the best ways to do it.

#6 Start Thinking about What Food You Can Take Out

Do you know how you are used to frying those potatoes? Maybe you want to air-fry them instead. This way you reduce the calorie intake and the flavor is just as good (provided you add just a bit of sunflower oil all the same). These are small examples of dietary changes. Maybe put just a smidgeon of milk in your coffee next!

#7 Only Weigh Yourself Once a Week in the Morning

You are at your lightest in the morning. So, please don’t take your weight every morning. It doesn’t matter. You are in here for the long run, so you want to only check once or twice a month (just to know that you are on the right path). I used to check every day but it really is a waste of time, so focus on being healthy first by eating right.

#8 Forget Magic Diets

Diet is a terrible word. A proper food regime is what you should be after and what works, really. You need to just develop eating habits that are tasty to you. For example, I went from meat-lover to vegetarian. Actually, I still eat meat, but I focus mostly on green food. This is not to say that I don’t get my nutrients or that I am starving or dieting – it just means I am smart about my food and don’t fall for “diet hypes.”

#9 Gaining Back Is Not a Problem

If you gain a bit back don’t beat yourself hard. Yes, you will slip and you will gain some of your weight back. There is no other way about it. What we want you to do is to keep at it and make sure that you are consistent in your desire to slim down. Set limits and tell yourself you will never go above those limits. And once again, please NEVER try to slim down in a way that makes you unhealthy – that is pills or starvation. It doesn’t work. Remember we are in this together for the LONG run!

#10 Remember, “Cheat Days” Are Good in Moderation

Having two cheat days a week just won’t do. Remember to NOT deny yourself treats, but to never mow down on more calories from a single source of food. Think about it like this – a processed lasagna ends up with more calories. Freshly made dish at home taste SO much better has better nutritional value and has fewer calories. So, cheat but in moderation. Keep in mind that these 10 tips will only help you slim down – not actually develop your muscles unless you combine them with weight lifting exercises (whether in the gym or at home).

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