Who Is LeBron James’s Wife, Savannah james? all You Need Know About Savannah James!

Aside From Being Considered One Of The All-Time Greats On The Basketball Court, Lebron James Has A Successful Social Life As Well. His Wife Has Always Supported Him, Allowing Him To Become The Successful Man He Is Today.

Savannah Brinson And Lebron James Have Been Together Since High School And Married In 2013. We should discuss Savannah Brinson in this article. How They Met: How Many Children Does This Pretty Couple Have? Let Figure It Out

Who is Savannah James ?

Savannah James Brinson (as she was known before marriage) was born on August 27, 1986 in Akron, Ohio to Jennifer and JK Brinson.

Cleveland Magazine described Savannah James as more than just the wife of a basketball superstar after an interview with her.

Her philanthropic interests have always been significant. Due to her family’s shared beliefs, she grew up with these interests. Her ideology was met with much-needed resources when she partnered with Lebron James, who she said was extremely supportive.

They Met in High School

There is a long history between this adorable couple—specifically, it dates back to high school. Despite not attending the same school, Savannah cheered for the rival high school (what’s a bit of friendly competition?).

A 16-year-old named Savannah met a 17-year-old named Lebon, who had been recruited to play basketball at St. Vincent-St. John High School. According to Good Housekeeping, they met through a mutual friend.

She Made the First Move

Savannah has always been a self-sufficient woman, and she even initiated their relationship. In fact, when Savannah’s mutual friend told her that LeBron had asked for her phone number, she replied, “Nope,” and said she would take his number instead. Savannah told Cleveland Magazine the hilarious and endearing story in 2018, adding that she ended up texting him one day out of boredom.

“one day I’m sitting around—probably bored or something—and I’m like, ‘oh, I forgot!'” I have this guy’s phone number that I can call. ‘He seemed interested, so let’s see what happens.'”

Lebron took Savannah on their first date to Outback Steakhouse after reaching out, and the rest is history.

Savannah James Kids

They have three children together: Lebron “Bronny” James Jr., 16, Bryce, 14, and Zhuri, 6. The couple found out Savannah was pregnant around the same time Lebron was the top player. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft. She told Harper’s Bazaar that Lebron was always supportive and comforting to her during her pregnancy.

“I’m not going to let it slow me down, nor are you going to let it slow you down,” he said. “We’re willing to keep doing what we have to do.” They welcomed Bronny in 2004, followed by Bryce in 2007.

She’s a Business Woman

Savannah has owned several businesses over the years, according to Stylecaster. After opening a juice bar in 2013, she launched a furniture line with American Signature, called Home Court.

“All Things Zhuri” is Savannah’s blog and YouTube channel with the couple’s 6-year-old daughter, Zhuri.

Savannah James Philanthropist

She devotes much of her time to empowering girls and young women, according to Cleveland Magazine. As an honorary chair for the YWCA Greater Cleveland’s Circle Fundraiser, she has spoken at several fundraising events, such as The Akron Community Foundation’s For Women, Forever Endowment Dinner.

Founded in 2017, Women Of The Future is an initiative designed to empower and support young women in the Akron, Ohio area. According to Cleveland Magazine, she likes to keep her private life private, but when it comes to philanthropy, she will enter the public arena.

Celebrated Their 8th Wedding Anniversary


Earlier this year, Lebron and Savannah celebrated eight years of marriage bliss. On their special day, the couple shared their sweetest tributes to each other, reflecting on their eight years of marriage and the many more years ahead.

Savannah wrote, “Happy Anniversary To My Forever Scary Movie Partner, My Forever Feet Warmer, The Capricorn To My Virgo, My Bestie, My Babe!!! 8 Years Down, Forever To Go! I Love You Deeply!! # lookwhatwedid. “

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