Is Theresa Plaisance Transgender? A Look at the WNBA Star’s Personal Life

Is Theresa Plaisance Transgender?
Is Theresa Plaisance Transgender?

Theresa Plaisance is a professional basketball player who signed a contract with the Seattle Storm for the 2023 WNBA season. The 6-foot-5 forward has nine years of WNBA experience, having played for four different teams, including the Las Vegas Aces, with whom she won the WNBA championship in 2022.

Plaisance is well-known on the court for her versatility, shooting ability, and toughness. But how about her private life? Is Theresa Plaisance a transgender person? Here are some facts and rumors concerning the WNBA player’s sexuality and identity.

Is Theresa Plaisance Transgender?

Theresa Plaisance has not officially said whether she is transgender. Speculation has developed owing to her physique and voice, but it’s important to highlight that assumptions about someone’s gender identification can be erroneous and invasive.

Theresa is actively involved in a show called “The Syd + TP Show,” which is committed to presenting stories of female and non-binary athletes, demonstrating her commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Is Theresa Plaisance Transgender?

It is critical to respect Theresa’s privacy and avoid drawing conclusions about her gender identification until she makes any official declarations about it.

People have the right to disclose personal information when they are comfortable, and discussions concerning gender identity should be handled with care.

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Plaisance was born a female and identifies as a woman

Theresa Plaisance is not transgender, contrary to popular belief. She was born a woman and identifies as such. She has never stated or hinted otherwise in public. Plaisance has a feminine first name, Monique, and a feminine middle name.

She also goes by the moniker “T,” which is a common abbreviation for Theresa. Plaisance has a female body form and characteristics, and she appears to have had neither gender transition surgery or hormone therapy.

Plaisance is openly gay and has a girlfriend

Theresa Plaisance is openly homosexual and has a professional basketball player girlfriend. Plaisance came out as a lesbian while playing for the Dallas Wings in 2017.

She stated that her teammate Glory Johnson, who is also LGBT, motivated her to be more comfortable with her sexuality. Plaisance stated that she had always been aware of her sexual orientation but was too terrified to notify her family and friends.

Growing up in Louisiana, where homosexuality is still taboo, she said she endured a lot of homophobia and bullying. Plaisance stated that she decided to come out after realizing she was not living truly and that she wanted to be happy.

Plaisance’s girlfriend is Adut Bulgak, a Canadian-Sudanese basketball player for the Turkish team Botas Spor Adana. When the Tulsa Shock both recruited Plaisance and Bulgak in 2014, they first met. They became pals before beginning to date in 2016. Plaisance and Bulgak frequently share photos and videos of themselves on social media to demonstrate their love and support for one another.

They also go on trips and visit each other’s families. Plaisance stated that Bulgak is her soulmate and that they intend to marry one day.


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Plaisance is close to her family and has a supportive mother

Theresa Plaisance is devoted to her family, particularly her mother, Mary “DoBee” Plaisance, the head coach of women’s basketball at Nicholls State University in Louisiana. DoBee is a former basketball player who won two national titles at Louisiana Tech.

DoBee trained Theresa throughout her youth and high school years, teaching her how to play basketball. DoBee is also Theresa’s biggest fan and supporter, attending her games and cheering loudly for her. DoBee is noted for her bright costumes and accessories, as well as her “old school” camera, which she uses to film Theresa’s on-court moments.

DoBee is also open to Theresa’s sexuality and her relationship with Bulgak. DoBee expressed her unconditional love for Theresa and her pride in her for being true to herself.

DoBee admitted that she was astonished when Theresa revealed herself, but she instantly embraced her and welcomed Bulgak into the family.

DoBee stated that she regards Bulgak as her own daughter and desires to see them marry and have children. DoBee stated that she believes that love is love and that everyone is entitled to happiness.


Theresa Plaisance does not identify as transgender. She is a lesbian woman with a girlfriend. She also has a lovely and supportive family and is a brilliant and successful basketball player. Plaisance is an example of someone who overcame difficulty and prejudice in order to pursue her aspirations and live genuinely. She is an inspiration to many young people who are struggling with their identity and sexuality. She is a champion both on and off the court.

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