Is Tabitha Swatosh Pregnant? A Deep Dive into Social Media Clues

Is Tabitha Swatosh Pregnant
Is Tabitha Swatosh Pregnant

Is Tabitha Swatosh expecting a child? Tabitha Swatosh has carved out a space for herself in the ever-changing world of social media and internet celebrities with her infectious humor and interesting content.

Through her TikTok adventure, the American internet sensation and model rose to notoriety, exhibiting a mix of comic sketches, lip-sync performances, and compelling story moments.

Tabitha, who was born in Kansas in 2000, began her social media exploits as a teenager and quickly ascended to stardom, even landing a position in the Hype House in 2022; however, her stay was brief as she eventually relocated from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Rumors of Tabitha’s pregnancy have floated among her millions of followers across multiple platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not these rumors are true. Investigate the specifics as we separate fact from fiction in this intriguing investigation to learn the truth about Tabitha Swatosh’s pregnant status.

Is Tabitha Swatosh Pregnant?

Tabitha Swatosh is not expecting a child. As of now, it looks like the pregnancy rumors surrounding Tabitha Swatosh are baseless.

A careful review of the available evidence reveals no solid support for the assertions. A careful examination of her most recent Instagram photos reveals no apparent baby bump that could indicate an impending addition to the family.

Exploring her TikTok and other social media profiles yields no results since there is a distinct lack of posts indicating what she is expecting. In the absence of solid evidence, it appears that Tabitha’s pregnancy assumption is, for the time being, without merit.

Given the possible influence on a person’s personal life, it’s critical to address such rumors with caution. While fans and followers await formal confirmation or words from Tabitha, the consensus is that she is not pregnant.

In the volatile world of social media, where rumors spread like wildfire, it’s critical to distinguish between reality and fiction and to respect the privacy of those in the public spotlight.

Is Tabitha Swatosh Engaged?

Tabitha Swatosh is not currently engaged. According to her TikTok and Instagram accounts, she is romantically connected with fellow influencer Michael Sanzone.  Although the exact start date of their relationship is unknown, Tabitha began revealing hints of her feelings for Michael around October 2022.


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Tabitha kept Michael’s face hidden in their early images together, opting for ocean shots where he carefully glanced away from the camera in a typical soft-launch move. In 2023, the couple gradually unveiled more about their relationship on social media, participating in TikTok contests and uploading varied content throughout the year.

However, after their combined celebration of the Barbie movie premiere in July 2023, eagle-eyed fans have observed Michael’s absence from Tabitha’s accounts, raising suspicions of a possible breakup. Despite speculations that Tabitha was single after their breakup, Michael continued to feature her in TikToks and even uploaded a sweet selfie with Tabitha in August 2023, captioned with a heartfelt note.

While breakup rumors abounded, contradicting TikTok videos emerged, implying a possible engagement. Tabitha Swatosh’s relationship status remains a mystery, with no tangible proof backing allegations of an engagement or breakup at this time.

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