Is Liz Parnov Pregnant in 2024? Inside Her Exciting Announcement!

Is Liz Parnov Pregnant in 2024?
Is Liz Parnov Pregnant in 2024?

Liz Parnov is a well-known Australian pole vaulter who won the reality TV series Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villains in 2023.

She is also the marketing manager for StreetX, the fashion label founded by her partner Daniel Bradshaw. Many fans have been asking if Liz Parnov will be pregnant in 2024, and the answer is yes! This page will discuss Liz Parnov’s possible pregnancy.

Is Liz Parnov Pregnant in 2024?

Liz Parnov, the Olympic pole vaulter, announced on Instagram that she is expecting her first child. Liz, who is 29 years old and originally from Russia, announced the news with her partner, Daniel Bradshaw, an entrepreneur and founder of the fashion business StreetX.


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Liz revealed her expanding belly in a pink lace bra, while Daniel posed in an adult nappy with a dummy in his lips. The caption on the post stated, “Just left pound town,” a slang phrase for aggressive sexual intercourse. Liz and Daniel work together at StreetX, where Liz works in the marketing department.

Liz rose to prominence last year when she won Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, taking home $500,000. She stated her intention to invest the money carefully but admitted that she was still unsure of the specifics.

She also expressed a wish to travel, specifically to Paris, with her partner Daniel. Liz’s Survivor adventure was both physically and mentally demanding, with hunger leading her to lose a large amount of weight throughout the 47-day battle.

Liz Parnov Husband

Liz Parnov’s friendship with Daniel Bradshaw, the founder of StreetX, has surely given an interesting layer to her life. Their relationship leads to a sense of fulfillment and excitement as she navigates her profession and pursues new opportunities beyond pole vaulting.

Is Liz Parnov Pregnant in 2024?
Is Liz Parnov Pregnant in 2024?

While the facts of their relationship have not been revealed, it is worth noting that the information provided does not refer to marriage or the status of husband and wife. Liz’s major focus remains on her professional goals and personal development.

With unrelenting determination and passion, she takes on the next chapter of her life with a firm commitment to excellence. While her relationship with Daniel brings joy and happiness into her personal life, she remains committed to her job and the chances that await her.

Liz Parnov Net Worth

Liz Parnov’s net worth is projected to be $5 million as of January 2024. This data is based on multiple sources and is considered the most recent publicly accessible estimate.

It’s crucial to understand that net worth is a complex computation that can fluctuate depending on a variety of circumstances, so this is only an approximation.

Liz Parnov Age

Liz Parnov was born on May 9, 1994, and is currently 29 years old. Her age reflects the accomplishments she has already made in her sporting career and beyond.

Liz has already competed at the highest level in pole vaulting, representing her home countries of Russia and Australia in renowned tournaments such as the Olympics, World Championships, and Commonwealth Games. Her achievement at such an early age demonstrates her great aptitude, devotion, and hard work.

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