Is Kelleigh Bannen Pregnant? Everything You Need to Know About Her Baby News

Is Kelleigh Bannen Pregnant?
Is Kelleigh Bannen Pregnant?

Kelleigh Bannen, the country singer and Beats 1 “Today’s Country” radio show host on Apple Music, has some exciting news to share: She is expecting her first child! The 42-year-old Nashville native is expecting her first child with Jeff Grossman, her husband of nearly 20 years.

This article will look at how Bannen revealed her pregnancy, what she has said about her journey to motherhood, and when she expects to give birth to her daughter.

Is Kelleigh Bannen Pregnant?

Kelleigh Bannen is expecting a child. At age 42, the country singer is expecting her first child, a girl, with her nearly 20-year-old spouse, Jeff Grossman.

This exciting news was revealed in her new music video for “I Know Better Now,” in which she beautifully documents her voyage to pregnancy, beginning with their wedding and concluding with a sonogram of their unborn child.


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Kelleigh expressed gratitude for this precious time in her life and her eagerness to meet their baby daughter. In this special phase of her life, Kelleigh Bannen is not only creating new music but also accentuating the significance of empowered female perspectives in her work.

She believes in relating tales that feature courageous and determined female protagonists. She intends to share these empowering stories through her music and the visual narratives in her music videos. The announcement of her pregnancy is a momentous occasion in her life and career, and she and her husband are eagerly anticipating becoming parents after a lengthy journey to reach this point.

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Who is Kelleigh Bannen Husband?

Jeff Grossman is Kelleigh Bannen’s husband. The pair have been together for nearly two decades and is now expecting their first child, a baby girl. Kelleigh and Jeff’s long-standing relationship has been an important part of her life and has inspired her music, as she revealed that a large part of her album “Favorite Colors” was motivated by her spouse and their eternal love.

Despite his disinterest in music, Jeff has been a supportive presence in Kelleigh’s life, listening to her songs and mixes along the way.

Kelleigh Bannen, a country musician recognized for her music and commitment to highlighting empowered female voices, has talked lovingly about her spouse in interviews. He’s been described as an incredible encouragement in her life.

Their evolving relationship has been a source of inspiration for her music and stories, illustrating the beauty and difficulties of marriage and love. Kelleigh and Jeff’s lives have taken on a new and exciting chapter with the announcement of their pregnancy, as they prepare to welcome their baby girl.

What Has Bannen Said About Her Journey to Motherhood?

Bannen has already spoken publicly about her issues with infertility and miscarriages. She released the song “Happy Birthday” in 2018, drawing inspiration from her experience of losing a baby on its due date. She also posted on Instagram, “I wrote this song after losing our first baby.

It was one of those things that felt too personal to discuss at first, but as time passed, I realized how many other women had experienced something similar. She also confessed that she used in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments to conceive her daughter.

The music video for “I Know Better Now” features glimpses of Bannen injecting herself and preparing for surgery. She told people that she wanted to include these sequences in the film to demonstrate the realities of IVF and to give hope to other infertile couples.

I wanted people who are going through IVF or who have gone through IVF to see themselves in this video,” she said in a statement. “I wanted them to know that they’re not alone and that there is hope.”

When Bannen Is Due to Welcome Her Daughter

Bannen has not specified a specific due date; however, she has speculated that it will be in early 2024.She captioned an Instagram photo of herself holding a sign that stated “Coming Soon 2024“: “We’ve been keeping a secret, and we can’t wait to meet our little girl.


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She also posted a photo of herself embracing her baby bump, captioning it, “Feeling so grateful for this season…and counting down the days until we get to hold our baby girl.”

Kelleigh Bannen Age

Kelleigh Bannen was born on February 18, 1981, which means she is currently 42 years old. If you are interested in reading more posts relating to celebrities’ pregnancies, kids, or more details, then you can join us on our Twitter account.

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