Is Jesse Sullivan Pregnant? Francesca Farago’s Parenthood Dreams

Is Jesse Sullivan Pregnant
Is Jesse Sullivan Pregnant

Discover the most recent updates on Jesse Sullivan’s pregnancy status, as well as details about the TikTok sensation’s journey with fiancée Francesca Farago, their family plans, and their love. Is Jesse Sullivan’s expectation of buzz accurate? In this post, we shall discuss her pregnancy status.

Is Jesse Sullivan Pregnant?

No, Jesse Sullivan isn’t pregnant. In a recent update on their IVF process, Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan expressed their desire to have a baby before their wedding.

The Too Hot to Handle star shared her wish for a large wedding, but also added how adorable it would be to have a small baby or two in their arms throughout the ceremony.

Is Jesse Sullivan Pregnant?

The couple got engaged in May 2023 and revealed their plans to freeze their eggs in the hopes of producing twins together. The emphasis is on starting a family before planning the grand wedding they anticipate.

During the 2024 People’s Choice Awards, Farago and Sullivan expressed their enthusiasm about becoming parents and fought stereotypes about LGBTQ+ people and pregnancy. While they are not yet expecting a child, the couple is actively planning for their future family and looking forward to the unique experience that lies ahead.

How did Jesse Sullivan and Francesca Farago meet?

Jesse Sullivan and Francesca Farago met via Zoom call in June 2020, while Farago was interviewing Sullivan for a TikTok pride event.


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The two struck it off immediately and began dating soon after. Farago, who gained prominence as a participant on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle, stated that she felt a strong connection to Sullivan, a mathematics scholar, and businessman. The couple moved in together in Los Angeles and got engaged in April 2023 while on a romantic trip to Mexico.

Jesse Sullivan Past Relationships

Jesse Sullivan’s previous partnerships were characterized by major personal journeys and connections. Jesse had previously been closeted and married a man before marrying Teela. His journey included accepting his true self, coming out, and negotiating the complexity of his identity.

Notably, Jesse has remained close to his ex-husband since coming out, demonstrating a desire to retain meaningful ties even as relationships change. Jesse’s social media content frequently includes his ex-wife Teela and their child Arlo, emphasizing the value of co-parenting and shared family times.

Jesse Sullivan’s Net Worth Growth Over the Years

Over the years, Sullivan’s net worth has steadily increased. His sound financial selections and profitable business ventures have greatly increased his wealth. As of 2024, his net worth is expected to be $50 million.

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