Is Hayden Burbank Engaged? Who is Her Partner?

Is Hayden Burbank Engaged?
Is Hayden Burbank Engaged?

Hayden Burbank, the rich pub owner and entrepreneur, is engaged to Belinda Vickers, a former Married At First Sight celebrity and dancer.

The couple revealed their engagement on Valentine’s Day 2024, following a romantic and clever treasure hunt proposal. Here are some information about their love story and future goals.

Is Hayden Burbank Engaged?

Yes, Hayden Burbank is engaged to Belinda Vickers. Belinda, who rose to prominence as a contestant on Season 8 of Married at First Sight, recently announced her engagement to Hayden in an epic Instagram video.

Hayden arranged an elaborate treasure hunt for Belinda, making the proposal both innovative and unforgettable. Throughout the hunt, Belinda had to complete a variety of trials, which led her to the Botanical Gardens in Victoria.

At the last location, Belinda was instructed to summon her inner Ariel from The Little Mermaid and whirl around while saying, “He loves me!” Hayden surprised her by emerging from a picnic set-up, accompanied by a group of children who playfully suggested that he propose.

Just a few moments later, he dropped down on one knee and asked Belinda to marry him, making their engagement official. It was a touching and joyous occasion for the couple, and they shared their joy with the world via an Instagram video.

Who is Belinda Vickers?

Belinda Vickers, a 30-year-old dancer from Melbourne, rose to popularity after appearing on Season 8 of the renowned reality show Married At First Sight. Her eccentric demeanor and unusual adventures rapidly made her a fan favorite.

Belinda revealed that before the show, she had only been on three dates and had never had a partner. She also spoke openly about the harsh bullying she had in school, demonstrating her tenacity and fortitude. Following her appearance on Married At First Sight, Belinda made news again when she revealed her relationship with Hayden Burbank, a billionaire pub owner.

Their love story took a dramatic turn when Hayden planned a memorable and imaginative proposal. Belinda found herself on an extensive treasure quest that eventually brought her to Victoria’s gorgeous Botanical Gardens.

In a wonderful twist, she was requested to unleash her inner Ariel from The Little Mermaid by spinning around and shouting, “He loves me!” Hayden surprised her when he came from a beautifully set-up picnic, joined by a group of playful children who encouraged him to propose. Without hesitation, he got down on one knee and proposed to Belinda, formally announcing their engagement.

Hayden Burbank Net Worth

We estimate Hayden Burbank’s net worth to be between $1 million and $5 million based on his lifestyle and career. However, he has yet to share his exact net worth with the public or the media.

How Old Is He?

Hayden Burbank’s age is 49 years. He has not yet revealed his birth information to the media or the general public. He is a business owner who runs Morris Jones Restaurant Bar on Chapel Street in Melbourne, which serves Californian Japanese cuisine.

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