What Is Wrong With NBC Anchor Al Roker? All You Need To Know!

People who watch the morning news are very committed to their favourite show, which is why they often notice when one of the regular faces is missing. Al Roker, who has been a weatherman and newscaster on the show for decades, hasn’t been there lately.

On Friday, the popular weatherman and anchor finally answered their questions. He explained that his absence from the Nbc show was not due to vacation, but rather to blood clots that required him to stay in the hospital.

What happened To Al Roker?

On the Today Show, Al has been a fan favourite for a long time. The longer he has been away from the show, the more worried fans have become that he might not come back. Al was gone from social media for a long time in November, but we now know why.

Some fans were so worried about Al’s disappearance that they started asking his wife, Deborah Roberts, on social media where he had gone.

Deborah wrote in a comment, “Ahh, thanks for this! He’s a little sick but otherwise fine.”

Al went on Instagram on November 18 to tell his fans where he’d been while he was away. “So Many of You Have Thoughtfully Asked Where I’ve Been. Last week I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg that sent some clots into my lungs. After some medical whack-a-mole, I am so lucky to be getting great medical care and on the way to getting better,” he wrote.

Al stayed in the hospital until Thanksgiving Day, when he posted happy news about being released in time for the holiday. But less than 24 hours after he was freed, he was back in the hospital.

A source told the outlet, “His condition was scary, but he got better after going back to the hospital.” Al’s current condition is unknown.

Where Is Al Roker?

Al hasn’t been at Today for the last two weeks, and he’s been staying out of sight on social media during that time.

But he has appeared in several pre-recorded video segments. He also recently announced his new show with Dylan Dreyer in an Instagram post, but his post was flooded with messages from worried fans.

“Hope you’re doing well, Al, and are just on vacation,” one person wrote. “I hope you’re fine, Al. Get back to the Today Show as soon as you can.”

What Has Ai Roker Said About His Health Status?

Al Roker

In an Instagram post to his 800,000 followers on November 18, 2022, he joked that his treatment was like “Medical Whack-a-mole.”

He also wrote in his update that he was “lucky to be getting great medical care and is on the way to getting better.”

Is Al Roker Planning To Retire?

Al hasn’t said out loud that he wants to stop working. So, for now, it looks like he still enjoys his job and will go back to it as soon as he can.

Al has been the weatherman on Today for so long that many people who watch the show regularly may only know him from that role.

Even though people don’t always think of weather reporting as the most exciting job, Al has always been a lively presence on the show and has travelled all over the country to cover major weather events as part of his job.

On top of that, he’s become so popular that he has extra hosting duties in the show’s later hours, which fans hope he’ll return to soon.

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