Who Is Louise Thompson? What Happened To Louise Thompson?

What Happened to Louise Thompson? Many people on the Internet want to know what happened to Louise Thompson.

After being taken to the hospital, Louise Thompson makes a tearful appearance in an update. Read this whole article to find out what happened to Louise Thompson and who Louise Thompson is.

Who Is Louise Thompson?

Louise Anne De Simmy Courcy Thompson is a British reality TV star who is best known for her appearances on the E4 reality show Made in Chelsea. In 2015, during the second season of The Jump, she took part and came in fourth.

What Happened To Louise Thompson?

Fears have been raised that Louise is having a mental breakdown.

She posted a picture of herself looking very upset on Instagram on June 30, 2022, with the caption, “I Just Want Someone to Fix Me.”

“My poor body and brain are all over the place,” she said.

Louise continued, “When I talked to my psychiatrist, she told me to make sure any doctors I see for my physical health take my worries seriously.”

“I don’t want to be called “mentally ill,” because I feel like I’m often overlooked.”

“Anyway, I just got the results of a blood test that I paid for myself.” My iron and hemoglobin levels are low, which is very upsetting.

“To be honest, a lot of them are either too high or too low, which is very upsetting to me.”

In December 2021, reality TV star Louise, who was known for being on Made in Chelsea with her brother Sam, almost died twice while giving birth.

How Is Louise Thompson Doing?

After Louise posted a scary message, her boyfriend Ryan posted that she had been taken to the hospital.

He told her that the test results were “alarming” and that he was “devastated.”

He posted a picture of himself waiting in a hallway while wearing a cap and a mask, along with a sad message.

Ryan wrote, “Just when I thought I was getting close to a time when I could focus on my own therapy and healing, Louise still struggles with different things every day, and some of her symptoms are getting worse.”

“We’re back at the hospital, but this time it’s private because the NHS has let us down so much.” Louise’s blood test results are scary.

“Right now, I don’t know how bad this is, but it’s sad to be sitting outside a hospital waiting room seven months after Louise gave birth.”

“I’m hanging on by a thread.” “I’m trying to work, keep my business going, make money to help Louise and Leo, and reach my own goals (and failing).

“I don’t usually tell stories like this, but I feel so bad right now.” Maybe this will be helpful.

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