‘Rip Legend’: A Longtime Radio Host From Alamo City Passes Away After A Cancer BattlR

russell rush death
russell rush death

A loved radio host who worked for a long time in San Antonio has died. Russell Rush, a radio host for 96.1 NOW and a longtime friend of KSAT, died after a long battle with T-cell lymphoma, his wife said in a social media post.

“The Lord got himself a new Angel. Rest in Peace, Love of My Life,” the post said.

Rush was getting care at home from a hospice after he had fought hard against the disease for many years. In June 2019, he told his listeners for the first time that he had cancer.

On Wednesday, his wife Saralyn gave a heartbreaking update on his health, saying they are at home with hospice care and will spend the next few days with family.

The comments on the post are full of people who love and care about Rush and his wife. Over the years, many people have also given Rush their favorite photos and stories.

When Rush talked about his condition on the air in 2019, he said that when he first heard about it, he was shocked.

“This is going to surprise you. I thought so. I was told I had a rare type of cancer a while ago. “It’s called T-cell lymphoma,” said Rush. “There is no cure. All we can do is treat it and hope that it goes away, which is what we are doing right now.”

His wife said that they would be planning memorial services and that she would let everyone know as soon as she could.

Rush is also known for his series “Russell Rush Haunted Tour,” where he visits some of the most haunted places in the state.

It started as a joke, but since then, Rush and his team have gone to haunted places every year.

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