Judge Hatchett Illness In 2022: An Update On Her Health Condition And Wellness In 2022


The judge show Judge Hatchett is hosted by Judge Glenda Hatchett. Glenda is well-known for her appearance on the TV show “The Verdict with Judge Hatchett.”

Glenda is also a founding member of the global law firm The Hatchett Company. Hatchett worked for Delta Air Lines as an executive attorney and public relations manager.

Judge Hatchett Illness: What Happened To Her?

Many people have already been perplexed by Judge Glenda Hatchett’s health, mistaking her for ill.

However, no detailed information about her health condition can be found. There has been no official confirmation of this news.
Some suspect because she has cancer, but this is false. Hatchett’s life had been upended by the death of her daughter-in-law, Kira Johnson, in April 2016.

Kira died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after giving birth to her second child via standard c-section. Her death sparked a public outpouring of emotion and protest.

Following the news, many people protested, highlighting the country’s high maternal mortality rate. America has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

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Judge Hatchett Age: How Old Is She?

judge hatchett
judge hatchett

Judge Glenda Hatchett, 70, was born on May 31, 1951, as Glenda A. Hatchett in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Hatchett also earned a B.A. in political science from Mount Holyoke College in 1973. In 1977, she earned her Juris Doctorate from Emory University School of Law.

With over three decades of experience as a judge, corporate attorney, and former chairman of corporations and charitable institutions, Judge Glenda has anchored a tradition of perfection.

She is currently the director of Atlanta-based consulting firm The Hatchett Firm, P.C.

Judge Hatchett’s Health Condition

Judge Hatchett’s health status remains unknown. She hasn’t said anything about her health condition so far.

Her fans have already begun to question her health status on social media platforms. This has caused quite a stir on the internet.

We believe this is simply fake news spreading through the media. We hope to see her on television soon because her fans miss her terribly.

She left Fulton County to produce Judge Hatchett, a broadcast television show. She has appeared as a guest commentator and political analyst on several media outlets.


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