Streamer And Adult Performer Adriana Chechik Broke Her Back In The Twitchcon’s Foam Pit

Adriana Chechik Injury
Adriana Chechik Injury

At least two people who went to the TwitchCon event this weekend in San Diego say they were hurt when they jumped into a foam pit at the event.

Lenovo and Intel paid for the foam pit, which was set up on a concrete floor in the San Diego Convention Center for the livestreaming platform event.

This Harlem bedroom gets a whole new look with just $1,000 and one day: Lenovo sent out a tweet on October 7 telling people at the event to fight on platforms with foam noodles over the foam pit. NBC said that the foam pit was about a foot deep and that people had to sign waivers before getting in.

Adriana Chechik was the first streamer to get a lot of attention when she said she hurt herself in the foam pit. After jumping into the pit, she wrote on Twitter that she had broken her back in two places.

Chechik used the foam noodles and jumped up and down in the pit to celebrate her “win” against fellow streamer EdyBot. It looked like she landed on her tailbone. Jake Lucky had a video of what happened, and he put it on Twitter.

Streamer LochVaness also said she was hurt in the pit on Saturday and posted a picture of herself in a wheelchair.

Source says that LochVaness also jumped into the pit to celebrate and right away rolled her ankle, which caused her kneecap to pop out of place. They were able to calm her down and put her kneecap back in place.

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