How to make ‘JEERA WATER’ for weight loss | Cumin Water The Current Recipe

How to make jeera water

Jeera water is nothing more than water that has been boiled with cumin seeds to extract all of the flavor and the majority of the nutrients. It is unquestionably one of the best warming teas that improves general health. Cumin is a wonderful spice that is thought to encourage agni, or digestive fire, which aids in the burning of impurities in the body.

Cumin water is thought to have many health advantages in addition to increasing hunger and aiding digestion, including cleansing, boosting immunity, encouraging weight loss, and enhancing memory. Given all these advantages, you ought to include jeera water in your everyday routine.

How to make Jeera Water

1. Add jeera and water to a non-reactive saucepan or pan. In order to liberate their flavour and volatile oils, you can also crush the seeds before adding them to the water. Using a mortar and pestle or a rolling pin and a board will make this task simple.


2. Bring the water to a gentle boil on medium heat.


3. Simmer for 5 minutes with a lid on.


4. Raise the heat a little and let the mixture to boil once more. The seeds will swell and start to produce an aroma as you watch.

5. Shut off and cover the stove. Turn off the heat and let the cumin water to cool a little.


6. Warm is preferable for this. For a longer period of time, you might keep it on the cooktop.


7. Use a fine strainer or piece of muslin to separate the seeds from the water. To serve, strain it into cups. You can also add more warm water to the flavour to make it more to your liking if it is too intense.


8. Jeera water is traditionally taken plain and more frequently at room temperature. I always do it this way. However, if your goal is weight loss, you can consider adding some lemon juice. Keep in mind not to squeeze any lemon into hot jeera water.


9. If you’d like, add honey; preferably Manuka honey. Honey and lemon juice are both optional.


For the most health advantages, serve cumin water warm and fresh the same day.

Or you can try the Overnight Method

In a bowl, heat 1 cup of water. Cumin seeds are then added, and they are soaked for one night. If your tap water is unsafe to drink, use previously boiled or filtered water instead. Overnight, cover and depart. Lastly, before consuming, filter the water. You can flavour it with some honey if you’d like.

Some Expert Tips on Jeera Water

  • For the flavours to properly infuse, allow the water to reduce completely before keeping it covered for some time.
  • Even better, mix hot water with roasted jeera powder well before straining and drinking. Fresh, however, is always advised and suggested.
  • For an even stronger flavour, you may also use a mortar and pestle to grind the cumin seeds before adding them.
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