Emiliano Sala: Police Investigate Sick Photo Of Emiliano Sala Dead In A Mortuary Two Days After His Father’s Heart Attack

emiliano sala dead body
emiliano sala dead body

Emiliano Sala was an Argentine football player who passed away from “head and trunk injuries,” an English inquest into his death from a plane crash in the sea heard on Monday.

BBC publish a call from the pilot before take-off

The pilot of the aircraft, David Ibbotson, is heard on an audio recording telling a friend that “the plane is unreliable” and “I will be wearing my life jacket.”

The pilot also acknowledges hearing a bang on the plane during the earlier flight.

“I heard a “bang” while floating in the English Channel. I had no idea what had transpired “Ibbotson’s words can be heard.

“I used the chance to double-check everything, including my settings. I kept flying because everything was fine. But it really grabbed my interest “.

The 35-year-old Piper Malibu’s left brake pedal was not functioning, and the cabin was filled with “a very low, dense fog,” the pilot continued, adding that the flight “could be dangerous.”

“This plane needs to return to the hangar. This aircraft is incredibly unreliable, “Ibbotson was adamant.

Shocking audio of Sala from the plane he crashed in

On the recording, Sala can also be heard complaining to a few coworkers about the difficulty the plane had taking off from Nantes on its way to Cardiff.

Sala sent several messages to his teammate Nicolas Pallois, who had driven him to the airport, in which he claimed the plane had attempted to take off “three or five times” before it was successful, according to the French newspaper Ouest France.

Emiliano Sala recorded a voice message once in the air and sent it to his family members in Argentina via WhatsApp, in which he expressed his worry about the condition of the aircraft.

If you don’t hear from me in an hour and a half, it seems like the plane is crashing, Sala is heard saying.

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