Han So Hee and Actor Ryu Jun Yeol: A Brief Romance and Its End

Han So Hee and Actor Ryu Jun Yeol
Han So Hee and Actor Ryu Jun Yeol

The K-drama and entertainment sphere ignited with excitement upon the revelation of the relationship between Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol.

Their rapid love story captivated audiences, but merely a fortnight after announcing their romance, the duo opted to go their separate ways. Let’s explore the fleeting tale of their affection and the factors leading to their split.

Han So Hee and Actor Ryu Jun Yeol

Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol, known for their roles in “My Name” and “Lost” respectively, have decided to end their relationship just weeks after publicly announcing it.

The news of their breakup was confirmed by both Ryu’s agency, C-JeS Studio, and Han’s agency, 9ato Entertainment, following reports from Korean digital outlet Edaily.

According to a source from C-JeS Studio, the decision to part ways was mutual, with both actors prioritizing their careers over their relationship. Han So-hee’s agency expressed regret over any emotional turmoil caused by the breakup and acknowledged their responsibility in ensuring the well-being of their artist.

The couple initially sparked dating rumors after being spotted vacationing together in Hawaii on March 15. Despite initially denying the relationship, Han later confirmed it through a blog post, with Ryu also confirming shortly afterward.

It’s worth noting that Ryu Jun-you had previously been in a seven-year relationship with his “Reply 1988” co-star Lee Hye-ri, which ended in November of the previous year.

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Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol’s romance may have been brief, but their influence on fans and the entertainment industry will last. As they pursue their acting goals, we wish them both success and healing.

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