Goblin Slayer Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

Goblin Slayer Season 3
Goblin Slayer Season 3

Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy anime series based on Kumo Kagyu and Noboru Kannatuki’s light novel series of the same name. The series features an unnamed warrior who devotes his life to the annihilation of all goblins, a species of wicked and terrible animals that feed on humanity.

He builds a party along the road with other adventurers who share his purpose or sympathize with his cause. Due to its violent and gruesome representation of violence, rape, and gore, the anime series has acquired a lot of fame and controversy since its release in 2018.

The series has also received accolades for its gripping tale, characters, and animation. Goblin Slayer’s first season ran from October 7, 2018, to December 30, 2018, and consisted of 12 episodes. On February 1, 2020, a special episode named Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown was published, adapting the fifth volume of the light novel series.

Goblin Slayer’s second season premiered on October 6, 2023, with a new studio, Liden Films, taking over animation production from White Fox. The second season will consist of 12 episodes, with the season finale airing on December 22, 2023.

But what about Goblin Slayer’s third season? Will the Goblin Slayer and his companions have any more adventures? Will the goblin menace ever be eradicated? Everything you need to know about Goblin Slayer Season 3 is right here.

Goblin Slayer Season 3 Release Date

There has been no official confirmation or announcement of Goblin Slayer Season 3 as of February 6, 2024. However, this does not mean that the series has come to an end. Several variables could point to a third season in the future.

First and foremost, the source material is still being developed. As of November 2023, the light novel series had 15 volumes, and the manga version had 11 volumes as of October 2023. The second season of the anime is anticipated to cover the sixth and seventh volumes of the light novel series, leaving eight volumes unadapted.

Goblin Slayer Season 3

Furthermore, Kumo Kagyu, the author of the light novel series, has claimed that he intends to create at least 20 volumes for the series, implying that there is still more to be revealed. Second, the series’ popularity and demand remain high.

Goblin Slayer is one of the most popular anime series on services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu. The series has also sold successfully on Blu-ray, DVD, and merchandising. The series has a vast and dedicated fan base, both in Japan and around the world, who are anxious to see more of the Goblin Slayer and his companions.

Goblin Slayer Season 3 could be unveiled after the end of the second season, with the season finale planned to air on December 22, 2023, so keep an eye out for any announcements around that time. Goblin Slayer Season 3 could also be announced later, such as during GA FES 2025, where the second season was first disclosed.

Based on previous season gaps, Goblin Slayer Season 3 might take anywhere between two and five years to arrive. A reasonable estimate would be sometime in 2025 or later, depending on the production timetable and the studio’s and staff’s availability.

Goblin Slayer Season 3 Trailer

As the season has not yet been announced or confirmed, there is no official trailer for Goblin Slayer Season 3. You can, however, view the Goblin Slayer Season 2 trailer, which shows the fresh adventures and difficulties that await the Goblin Slayer and his company.

Goblin Slayer Season 3 Cast

Assuming no substantial changes to the cast, we can expect the following voice actors to return for Goblin Slayer Season 3:

  • Yuichiro Umehara as Goblin Slayer (Japanese)/Brad Hawkins (English)
  • Yui Ogura as Priestess (Japanese)/Hayden Daviau (English)
  • Nao Tōyama as High Elf Archer (Japanese)/Mallorie Rodak (English)
  • Yuka Iguchi as Cow Girl (Japanese)/Brittany Lauda (English)
  • Maaya Uchida as Guild Girl (Japanese)/Sara Ragsdale (English)
  • Yōko Hikasa as Sword Maiden (Japanese)/Amanda Gish (English)
  • Tomokazu Sugita as Lizard Priest (Japanese)/Kyle Igneczi (English)
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Spearman (Japanese)/Clifford Chapin (English)
  • Chinatsu Akasaki as Witch (Japanese)/Kristen McGuire (English)
  • Haruka Tomatsu as Noble Fencer (Japanese)/Emily Neves (English)

Goblin Slayer Season 3 Plot

The adapted original material will determine the plot of Goblin Slayer Season 3. The third season is most likely to cover the eighth and ninth volumes of the light novel series, titled “The Festival of the Heroes” and “The Hero’s Adventure.”

Goblin Slayer Season 3

The eighth volume concentrates on the frontier town’s annual harvest festival, where the Goblin Slayer and his company enjoy some rare moments of peace and amusement. Things take a nasty turn, however, when a strange cult unleashes a swarm of goblins on the unsuspecting town, forcing the Goblin Slayer to confront his biggest nightmare.

The ninth volume follows the goblin slayer and his group on a quest to the capital city, where they meet new friends and foes. The Goblin Slayer also discovers more about his origins and his relationship to the famous hero who once saved the world from the Demon Lord.

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Goblin Slayer Season 3 Expectations

The third season of Goblin Slayer promises more action, drama, and gore as the Goblin Slayer and his party face fresh threats and difficulties. The third season will also delve deeper into the series’ world and culture, as well as the backstory and character development of the key characters.

As the series combines its dark and serious tone with lighter and amusing moments, the third season will most likely include more fan service and comedy. The third season will also depict the Goblin Slayer and his party’s growth and bond as they conquer their fears and doubts to become stronger and closer as a team.


Season 3 of Goblin Slayer has yet to be confirmed; however, given the series’ popularity and promise, it is quite likely that it will be announced and released shortly.

The third season will continue the story of the goblin slayer and his party as they fight the goblin scourge and learn more about the world’s secrets and mysteries. Season 3 of Goblin Slayer will be a fascinating and enjoyable viewing for fans of the series as well as followers of dark fantasy and action anime.

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