Wild Hearts Release Date, Gameplay, System Requirement, And Trailer

wild hearts release date
wild hearts release date

Are you looking for a summary of all the information we currently have on Omega Force’s historical epic? Here is what we have seen in advance of the release of Wild Hearts.
The Dynasty Warriors series has been worked on for years by Omega Force, and Wild Hearts is slated to be a brand-new and thrilling adventure.

But even before the release of Wild Hearts, the brand-new IP is already appearing to be an exciting new adventure thanks to EA’s support through their EA Originals program and a novel and exciting genre for the developer.

The game is very different from anything the studio has previously created and appears to offer much more action and mobility than Monster Hunter with tools and traps, as well as more colorful environments. Overall, it presents a very unique type of game.

Here is what we know so far before the release of Wild Hearts, thanks to EA’s earlier September 2022 teaser.

Wild Hearts Release Date

A release date was disclosed along with the introduction of the brand-new hunting game. Since Wild Hearts won’t be available for several years, it will be available on February 17, 2023.

Wild Hearts Gameplay

We know very little about Wild Hearts so far. However, this does not preclude us from drawing some conclusions from what EA and Omega Force have said and demonstrated. The fantasy game dubbed the “next great hunting game,” is a more mobile version of Monster Hunter.

You’ll be hunting down fantasy creatures across a map of feudal Japan in the game. To accomplish this, you will use magic and weapons (both ranged and melee), as well as a variety of tools and traps, such as building large scalable walls or jumping onto monsters using a propeller.

The game will be zone-based rather than open-world, but you’ll be able to get around and dodge and duck with ease. As a result, the game will not have the same weighty feel that we have seen with the Monster Hunter series. The game will also support up to three-player co-op.

The title’s gameplay demonstration revealed a lot more about the game and how similar it is to Monster Hunter. While actions, combat, mobility, and traversal all appear to be somewhat similar, it appears that many of the extra mechanics, such as traps and new mechanics, have been built into the new crafting mechanic, which allows you to make contraptions during a match. We can see a bomb, a flash bomb, and other items here.

That’s all we know about EA Originals’ biggest title so far, ahead of the Wild Hearts release date. We’re still a long way from being able to play the game. But, while you’re waiting for it, check out some of the best PS5 games and Xbox Series X games available right now.

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Wild Hearts Story

The fantastical setting of Wild Hearts, known as Azuma, is greatly influenced by feudal Japan and home to enormous animals known as Kemono. Here is the official summary from an EA press release.

“Wild Hearts takes place in Azuma, a fictional world modeled after feudal Japan, where the once-peaceful Kemono are now on the rampage and destroying the ecosystem at the expense of human lives. The Kemono include large Kingtusk wild boars and plant-infused squirrels. The players are required to restore balance throughout the area after a terrible battle with the winter wolf Deathstalker, during which they are given the ability to bear life-sustaining technologies.

Although we don’t currently know much about Wild Hearts’ plot outside its introductory sequence, it’s realistic to assume that the game won’t be heavily focused on its narrative.
Similar to Monster Hunter, Wild Hearts is a hunting game that prioritizes gameplay over anything else.


such as Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC. Given that most of EA’s recent products have also been available on PS4 and Xbox One, Wild Hearts is one of the publisher’s first new-generation exclusive games. Additionally, EA has announced that Origin, Steam, and the Epic Game Store will all offer Wild Hearts for PC. We also discovered that EA is unaware of the console generation we are in, which at the very least made social media laugh for a news cycle.

Wild Hearts Developer

As a lone wolf or as part of a pack of three, you will be required to explore Azuma in the Wild Hearts story while attempting to rid the region of nature-infused animals that are irreparably changing the landscape. Wild Hearts doesn’t offer an easy job, whether you’re facing up against deadly plant-infused squirrels or the screen-engulfing Kingtusk wild boar.

You won’t play as an average citizen, of course. After being attacked by a winter wolf Deathstalker, Koei Tecmo claims that you’ll “become bearers of a life-sustaining technology and are forced to restore equilibrium across the region”—listen, I have no idea what that is, but I’m immediately eager to exact my revenge.

Wild Hearts Trailer

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