The Technology Behind Online Games

The Technology Behind Online Games

Online games are quite a phenomenon. They’ve been around for what seems like forever, but in recent times, they’ve really come to the fore and become the only way to game. However, how many gamers have stopped and thought of the technology behind the leading online titles?

Online games is very much an umbrella term these days. The most obvious being online video games such as Fortnite, FIFA and Call of Duty. But there are online games that can be found at licensed online casinos and sports sites all the way to original board games and TV game shows. But the technology, in many respects, remains the same, across the various platforms.

As the name suggests, online games are played over the internet, which means that there is a requirement for servers in multiple locations that ensure the user-end experience is as good as it can possibly be. And when you consider that prominent titles such as instalments from the Call of Duty series attract millions of players, the investment into high-quality and well-placed servers must be high.

But, before you even get to this point, a game must be developed from scratch, which is where what are known as programming languages come into the conversation. Right now, skilled developers will use the likes of C++ or Python when creating online games. But there will also be a ton of programs that are used as the development process continues, such as 3DS Max and Photoshop. And the word process is key, as it’s what’s required to bring an online game to the market.

As we mentioned above, online games is very much an umbrella term, and other forms of technology power it depending on what form it is being produced. For example, online casino games are all the rage right now, especially live casino content, which happens in real-time and is interactive from start to finish. And, because financial transactions are regularly occurring with online casino content, in particular, encryption software must be used, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

What’s also crucial about the technology used to power online games in the development process is that akin to the online gaming industry, it’s evolving, adapting and improving all the time. And this is why the result in terms of the content produced is dramatically looking and playing better than ever before, and it can also cope with more players getting involved, which has allowed for the rise of battle royale-style games.

So, while a lot of the technology inside the development process is vital, it’s also crucial that GPUs, CPUs, Wi-Fi, et al., have all improved rapidly in the last five years. It’s allowed online game creators and producers to make content that ticks all the boxes for modern-day gamers, and that’s got to be the end goal, right? And all the technology behind it continues to play a significant role in the process from start to finish in delivering on what are some of the best gaming experiences around.


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