Sumeru Release DAte

Sumeru Release DAte

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Genshin Impact’s Sumeru region is one of the most recent additions to the game’s map. Genshin Impact’s regions resemble countries in that each one has its own distinct culture and geography. Sumeru’s landscape contains jungles and deserts, as well as a variety of new characters to encounter.

Despite the fact that Sumeru has yet to be formally revealed, players are confident that it will be included in Version 3.0. Patch 2.0 brought us the Inazuma area, the newest addition to Genshin Impact. Dendro, a new element, is also planned to be introduced in the 3.0 patch.

Sumeru 3.0 Release Date

Sumeru will come with Genshin Impact 3.0, which, according to the 2022 Schedule, will go live on August 24, 2022.

It will take about a year to explore and learn about all of the Dendro Nation’s regions and stories, so there’s a lot to look forward to.

Sumeru Map Guide

A Guide to Teyvat (not the full map)

Sumeru Lore

Sumeru has been mentioned repeatedly by numerous Genshin Impact characters. For instance, Lisa completed her studies in Sumeru before returning to Mondstadt, and Liben described it as “All Rainforests and Desert” and Dainsleif simply called it “Desert.”

The former Dendro Archon was killed during the catastrophe, a pivotal plot event in Genshin Impact where chaos and devastation broke out, when the gods assaulted Khaenri’ah. Soon after, the God of Wisdom, the new Dendro Archon, was born and assumed control.

The Sumerian sages then gave up on all worldly aspirations in favour of pursuing esoteric knowledge. Nazafarin, a Sumerian scholar who participated in the recent Spices From the West event, asserts that the Eremites, a faction of mercenaries in Sumer, have members with strange and powerful abilities.

Sumeru New Character List (Speculation)

  • Dori (Claymore, Electro) – a merchant from Sumeru.
  • Collei (Bow, Dendro) – an apprentice ranger from Sumeru.
  • Alhaitham (Sword, Dendro) – a scholar from the Academy.
  • Nilou (Sword, Hydro) – an artist and dancer from Sumeru.
  • Cyno (Polearm, Electro) – a scholar from the Academy.
  • Tighnari (Catalyst, Dendro) – an experienced ranger from Sumeru.
  • Dehya (Claymore, Pyro) – an Eremite mercenary.
  • Nahida (unknown, Dendro) – the Alter Ego of Sumeru’s Archon.

Sumeru Rumors

Sumeru 3.0 Preview Trailer