Rimworld Biotech – Release Date, Platforms And Other Details

The Wild West is introduced to a sci-fi setting in the incredibly detailed and compelling space colony simulation game RimWorld. In your own story of conflict and survival on a barren planet, select your starting environment and raise colonists. Xbox also offers a console edition.

When is the release date of RimWorld Biotech?

The patch notes state that RimWorld Biotech will be available “in a few weeks,” but the developers currently plan to release it in October 2022. Although we do not yet have a firm release date, we will let you know as soon as the developers do. It is accessible on PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

What is Coming in the Biotech Expansion?

The three main benefits promoted by biotech are mechanized control, genetic manipulation, and childrearing.

Soon, colonists will be able to produce children of their own. By creating nurturing environments, players can better direct the development of these offspring (in the hopes of fostering positive traits) or they can choose the efficient but soulless method of producing more bodies using growth vats and artificially induced pregnancies.

With the upcoming Mechanitor role, colonists will have the ability to create and control their own Mechanoids, exploiting their own frailty and peculiarities to create a powerful working or combat force. A new pollution mechanic has been teased as a way to keep the mechanoids consistent with the existing RimWorld content, so it’s not all good news.

Additionally, the genetic modification will be possible, enabling colonists to gather genes from various sources in search of beneficial traits they can add to their own or recombine in an effort to produce more potent combinations. The players’ reactions to this new content will be fascinating to watch. Will settlers abandon their humanity in search of improved life forms, perhaps fusing this new information with the current prosthetics system?

New Features in RimWorld Biotech

1. Children and reproduction

Reproduction has until now been handled by third-party mods and is not a part of the vanilla experience of RimWorld due to the nature of space colonization, namely illness, violence, and death. The RimWorld base game now officially supports reproduction thanks to the Biotech expansion, which also adds a new level of immersion. Players who have been requesting this addition to the game for a while will be happy about it, but as most parents are aware, parenting has its own set of difficulties.

Colonists can now become pregnant and give birth to adorable infants. The introduction of children will increase happiness, but it will necessitate extensive micromanagement in the form of secure nurseries, consistent nutrition, and stimulating toys. For the impatient, a growth vat can be used to accelerate a child’s natural growth to the point at which they are employable. You’ll need to teach your future colonists how to hunt, cook, make and maintain relationships, and fight.

Similar to real life, the likelihood of producing competent adults and colonists increases with the amount of time and attention invested in raising the child. At various stages of development, players will have to decide what qualities and interests to instill in their offspring. Colonies that place a higher value on education for their children will have more options than those that use growth vats to produce brain-dead super soldiers.

2. Gene Modding

What would make young people even more fascinating? Obviously, the capacity to genetically alter them into X-men. RimwWorld Biotech introduces gene modding along with reproduction. Now, players can create xenohumans with a variety of practical traits. Will you create arctic-resistant furry humans? The possibilities are endless. Vampires that breathe fire? Or are you going to establish a colony of powerful terminators? You decide how wild you want to go, but in order to collect every possible trait, you will either need to harvest prisoners or collect traits from traders or quest rewards. Genes can be used alone or combined to produce ambiguous effects. Professor, start your experimentation now!

3. Mechinators

You can now transform a colonist into a mechanitor. Mechanoids, once a terrifying end-game foe, can now be controlled by a colonist with a brain implant that gives them the ability to command the machines. A mechanitor colonist can use a high-tech gestation tank to create mechanoids for labour or combat under their control. Did I, Robot fail to teach us anything?

When working long hours, mechanoids don’t get sick or have nervous breakdowns. To defend your colony and wipe out your enemies, you can raise a fearsome army or a highly effective workforce. The creation of these amazing machines will pollute your land and, if left unchecked, poison your people and pets. It will be difficult to manage the waste.

The technology required for the best mechanitor capabilities will need to be gathered, much like how genetic traits for humans are collected. Attacking mechanoids can be used to harvest ancient mechanoid technology, so you should welcome conflict to your borders so you can plunder the battlefield.

RimWorld Console Edition Launch Trailer: Update 1.4

It will drop to RimWorld along with the release of Biotech, but it is already playable on the Stream unstable branch. The update enhances the game’s stability and overall experience in a number of ways. Building interiors now have new customizability options, including paint, carpets, lighting, and shelving. Additionally, new prisoners, turrets, and UI for the mod manager have been added. Check out the changelog here for a detailed description of the 1.4 update.

Simply choose the unstable branch option under the Betas tab when you right-click the game on Steam, select Properties, and then choose to test out the new patch

We’ll keep you updated once we have more information about a release date, but in the meantime, check out our review of the RimWorld Xbox edition here. The Biotech expansion looks like an incredible addition to what is already a highly detailed simulation game.

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