Return To Monkey Island Is Also Coming To PS5 Next Week: Finally Wait Is Over Here!

Return To Monkey Island Is Also Coming To PS5 Next Week
Return To Monkey Island Is Also Coming To PS5 Next Week

Return To Monkey Island Is Also Coming To PS5 Next Week: The game’s impending Game Pass release on Xbox One S and Windows 10 PC was announced. Following the PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch releases on September 19, and the Linux release in October, the game will arrive on new systems the following week.

Return To Monkey Island

A sequel to Ron Gilbert’s critically acclaimed adventure game series, Return to Monkey Island was announced in April. Gilbert’s firm, Terrible Toybox, worked together with Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm Games to create the game.

Author and programmer Dave Grossman, together with composers Michael Land, Peter McConnell, and Clint Bajakian, and Guybrush voice actor Dominic Armato, all returned for the new release.

Due to the fact that Gilbert and Grossman have only directed three games in the Monkey Island series, Return to Monkey Island is sometimes misunderstood as a direct sequel to the second game in the series, Monkey Island 2.

Metacritic gave it an 86 on PC and 85 on Switch, indicating that critics thought highly of it. Publisher Devolver boasted that one month after the game’s debut, Return to Monkey Island had the series’ highest sales velocity.

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Return To Monkey Island Release Date

Return to Monkey Island, which was just released for Nintendo Switch and PC, is coming to PS5 on November 8, 2022, according to a recent announcement by developer Devolver Digital.

A new trailer is available up top, although it doesn’t show any PS4 support. The price on the PlayStation Store should be comparable to the Nintendo Switch version ($24.99/£22.49).

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Back to the nest

Return to Monkey Island is the sequel to the series, and as Zoey pointed out in her review, it contains numerous references and allusions to previous entries. Though, the new platforms give Monkey Island fans who haven’t gotten around to it yet a chance to do so. Game Pass makes it simple to find out if this type of adventure is really up your alley.

This month’s Game Pass roster is already fairly strong, and now you can add Return to Monkey Island to that list. The historical murder mystery Pentiment by Obisidian is also scheduled to be on the Pass shortly.

The sci-fi thriller Somerville is also a good example of this. Vampire Survivors is also available for those who like to waste away a few hours mindlessly watching bats and skeletons explode.

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