Reports Indicate That a PS5 Remaster Of Horizon: Zero Dawn Is Currently In Development

Horizon Zero Dawn

According to reports, a Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 remaster is in the works. Sony is creating a reworked version of the critically praised PS4 title, centered on young hunter Aloy, according to MP1ST. The game, which is just five years old and had a sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, released earlier this year, will receive various improvements on PS5, including increased lighting, redesigned graphics, and improved animations. Furthermore, the source indicates that a Horizon online multiplayer game for both the PS5 and PC is in the works.

VGC confirmed the information through their own sources, indicating that the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 version will include accessibility features and quality-of-life upgrades. Different graphic modes will also be featured, similar to how most PS5 entries include graphical, performance, and uncapped performance modes – the latter of which makes use of the variable refresh rate VRR.

Expect little in terms of gameplay, as the addition of underwater exploration and a glider from Horizon Forbidden West would jeopardize the storyline. But who can say? As a New Game+ prize, Sony may surprise us with such goodies.

horizon zero dwan

While Horizon Zero Dawn received a performance patch that allowed it to operate at a stable 60 frames per second on the PS4, it has yet to receive a native 4K update on the PS5. This isn’t the first time the RPG has been re-released; it was transferred to PC in 2020, with enhanced draw distances, widescreen compatibility, and uncapped framerates, though the assets from the PS4 version were reused.

In terms of assets, MP1ST claims that the Horizon Zero Dawn remake will “get it closer to Forbidden West,” complete with enhanced new character models, texturing, and animations. This, like The Last of Us Part 1’s “remake,” may be difficult to market to those who already possess the original PS4 version. As previously said, the game is only five years old, so convincing PS5 owners to pay Rs. 4,999 / $70 – a common pricing range for new PS5 releases — will be difficult.

Even Marvel’s Spider-Man, which received a PS5 remaster just two years after its original PS4 release, did not merit an overhaul. In light of subsequent games in the franchise, the version includes a younger character model for Peter Parker, voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

The source also cites a Horizon multiplayer game for the PS5 and PC. Details are scant, however, VGC reports that a co-op mode was originally planned for the game, but was dropped in order for the creators to focus on “other elements of the project.” Some leaked concept art from 2014 depicts players battling massive mechanical beasts simultaneously. Customization will supposedly be based on the franchise’s known tribes — but take this with a grain of salt.

There is currently no definite release date or official announcement from developer Guerrilla Games, but based on actor Lance Reddick’s now-deleted tweet, this is believable. In both Horizon games, the John Wick star reprised his role as Sylvans.

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Is Horizon Zero Dawn being remade?

PlayStation is supposedly back at it again, only a month after releasing a full recreation of the less-than-10-year-old The Last of Us. Over the weekend, the gaming blog MP1st stated that a remake or remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation 5 is in the works.

Horizon Zero Dawn takes up how much space on the PS5?

According to Twitter user PlayStationSize, a trustworthy source of download size information, the US-area edition of Horizon Forbidden West will be approximately 87.6 GB. If that isn’t terrible enough, the EU area version will be even bigger, taking up a massive 98 GB of space.

Is haptic feedback included on the PS5 version of Horizon Zero Dawn?

As a result, whether Aloy is walking or sprinting around, Horizon Forbidden West does not provide haptic feedback. Instead, as she brushes by long grass that can be utilized to hide from the roving machines, or when she lands from a jump, small vibrations are emitted.

How many copies of Horizon Zero Dawn were sold?

Horizon Zero Dawn was published on PC in August 2020 and was a huge success, selling over 700,000 digital copies. Herman Hulst reported on Twitter in February 2022 that the game has sold over 20 million copies as of November 28, 2021.

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